What to do with KGB?


This appears to be the question of the day. Read here from Bob McGinn at jsonline.com for more. KGB is a class act. He has been a solid Packer on and off the field. At times, he has even been a great Packer in terms of production. Going into 2007, however, he was coming off of a couple rough years that saw his production down and importantly, saw him become a liability against the run. I suggested to Brother Steve during training camp of 2007 that the Pack should cut him or trade him (especially after I read a report that quoted an NFC scout who said that teams were game planning their run games to go right at KGB). However, last year, when he was moved to be more of a situational pass rusher, he was good again. He showed he still has the knack to pressure the QB. He was not stellar against the run when there were run plays, but he was at least good overall.

Now, enter the knee injury. He’s apparently recovering from this more slowly than he/the team anticipated. He could only practice for 30 minutes the other day before pulling himself. This is tricky. KGB is a good player, but as McGinn and others have pointed out, when he’s not at full strength, he is not effective. I like KGB and I know he is a high quality locker room guy/teammate. But I am pretty sure that some of the options on the table for TT and co as the team prepares to make final roster moves, would be to place him on the PUP list or to perhaps even release him. Though I would have been fine releasing him at the beginning of last year, after he showed he could still play in 2007 and our apparent dearth of quality DEs, I’d be hesitant to do so now. If I were GM, and it ends up that KGB can’t move around adequately before 9/8, I would place him on the PUP list. Then if he doesn’t recover adequately over that time, cut him. For right now, I wish KGB a speedy recovery – but in the meantime, I hope that Jason Hunter can step up his game and perhaps take advantage of an opportunity.

5 Responses to “What to do with KGB?”

  1. DaveK Says:

    He is definately not an everydown DE and it was a good move to make him a situational pass rusher. In my opinion, KGB has been a over-rated pass rusher. More often then not he runs himself completely out of plays because his ONLY move is a speed rush around the end. Most times the Tackle simply rides him five yards past the pocket. Decent Tackles seem to handle him fine and KGB seems to get his sacks in bunches against lessor Tackles in a few games. Don’t get me wrong – I think KGB has value at his level of play last year in that role but if he has lost a step due to injury then I can’t imagine him being very effective at all.

  2. Johnson Says:

    KGB isn’t eligible for the PUP. That’s only for players who haven’t practiced during training camp – like Harrell.

  3. awhayes Says:

    was not aware of that Johnson – thanks for the tip. THat makes the whole situation even more intriguing. Do you then cut KGB or let him take a roster spot or IR? I’ll bet his $7.7 million dollar cap figure is tempting TT to cut him.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    If KGB loses a step his career is over. He relied entirely on speed to do his job. I’m affraid he destined to be cut if the injury is as bad as it seems.

    I hope the organization can find something for him. He has always been a loyal, enthusiastic Packer.

  5. Ron La Canne Says:

    A related D-Line issue; Jolly’s lawyer got a delay uintil Sept. 16th for his FELONY drug possession hearing. If his lawyer runs out of delays looks like we’ll have another hole in the line soon. He’ll be playing for the first two weeks.

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