2nd half recap

  • I want our tight ends more involved during the regular season (though I know MM is withholding a good number of plays for now).
  • Rodgers played great today – just plain great.
  • Michael Montgomery seems to be everywhere, but not necessarily busy being effective.
  • Rouse and Bishop both look really good today.
  • Where’s Hodge – haven’t seen him play yet?
  • Brohm still not looking great though it’s hard to throw a pass with .0000001 of a second to get the ball out.
  • Jeremy Thompson continues to look sort of lost out there. As Gannon aptly pointed out, he just seems very rookie-like w/re to play recognition.
  • Lansanah redeemed himself after he should have been ejected for a vicious hit.
  • Jason Hunter, if he figures out what he’s doing and picks up a few new moves, could end up being the surprise fill-in for a DE position.
  • Kregg Lumpkin is really, really good. He doesn’t quit, he’s got nice moves and he appears to be very strong. His best quality may be his balance though. He looks really good again – GREAT TD RUN!!! I think he’s done enough so far to justify keeping him on the team – no practice squad, keep this guy on the team.
  • I haven’t been this pumped about our kick/punt return game since Desmond Howard.
  • Disagree with Rich Gannon on the long Denver pass break-up by Pat Lee. Lee was behind but he closed fast and got his hand in there to break up the pass. It also was a really good pass.
  • Hackney for Denver looks good. Who is this guy?
  • After watching Bishop play tonight and Hodge last week, I continue to wonder why neither of these guys got a the chance to unseat Poppinga in the off-season.
  • Nice game overall, I’m fairly pleased that the starters did not look like crap (a few of them didn’t play that well, but most of the players were solid).

5 Responses to “2nd half recap”

  1. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Brohm did look OK. I look forward to the last preseason game to see what he can REALLY do. I still like Flynn though. He looks like he has fun out there and scans the field a bit quicker than Brohm… sorta like ol’ Brett did. I guess it’s like when you’ve had a family dog that dies and you get another one, you look for traits that the old one had. I’m doin’ that with only Flynn for some reason.

  2. Cindy V Says:

    I was a bit concerned about the defense. They didn’t stop the Broncos during much of the first half. I know some of our first team regulars weren’t out there. Still, they need to stop the run, tackle better, and cover the receivers more.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    QB – Grade A Rodgers played in control. On target all night. Brohm needs work, not ready to step in. Flynn – Looks ok. Better than Brohm at this point.

    RB – Grade B Jackson had some good effort runs. Also did something with a screen. Herron didn’t hurt himself – solid. Lumpkin – played tough and quick. Starting to think he may make the team. Morency was inconsistent and looked a little tentative.

    OL – Grade C Overall, much better than last week. Still not making the running game any easier.

    Rec – Grade B+ Good to see Jennings back on the field. Only drop was Jones.

    DL Grade F I can’t believe that the group thought to be a team strength has deteriorated to this level. Absolutely no pass rush (no blitzing doesn’t help), point of first contact was 3 to 5 yards off the Line of scrimage, and NO tackling just reaching. Some of the backups looked good against Denver’s scrubs.

    LB Grade C Too many missed tackles. We sure do miss AJ. Barnett had a bad game, but he will recover. Chillar, I’m not convinced yet. They shokuld be trying Hodge and Bishop on the outside.

    DB Grade C Too many mistakes on the corner. Play was inconsistent. Bigby and Collins injuries could be a new probelm. Let’s hope not. Williams has potential but is not ready for one on one coverage. Does Harris look slow to anyone else?

    ST Grade B+ Ryan likes the light air. Not sure, but I heard his Gross was 70 yards and net was 49+. Mason pushed the 53 yarder to the right. Most kickoffs not returnable

    Overall, still not ready for prime time. Especially the defensive line.

  4. RayMidge Says:

    Lumpkin made a believer out of me. He is tenacious and I like the SEC pedigree. I think Morency goes. Herron might be a solid late bloomer.

    The word that keeps coming up in my head about Brohm is “skittish”. Not an inspiring quality at this level. Flynn’s comparative cool is why I think a lot of us feel he’s a better bet to actually become a successful NFL QB. Guys with better talent than Brohm have crapped out because they just didn’t have the innate clock that you need and which is, fairly or unfairly, parcelled out unevenly at birth. It’s still early but I don’t have much hope in Brohm.

    Rodgers looked great.

  5. scott in wisconsin Says:


    Interesting angle on the whole BF thing from the Press Gazette…one that I’ve not seen anywhere else.

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