halftime update

  • Nick Barnett suddenly looks really bad – like a rookie. I don’t think his mind is in this game.
  • Collins was also missing tackles before getting hurt.
  • Jackson is money with that duck move, unfortunately, unless he does that , he doesn’t seem to gain much yardage.
  • Horrible run game by the Packers  – poor blocking.
  • Bad play calls at the end of the first half.
  • I get the sense that as well as Rodgers has played, he seems extra focused on just getting rid of the ball, at times, when he might have had a few more seconds for another option. But again, Rodgers is playing well.
  • OUr defensive line looks horrendous – where is Aaron Kampman? He’s just absent.
  • Where are the blitz packages?
  • Defense looks a bit shaky overall – not worth freaking out about, but concerning.

One Response to “halftime update”

  1. Green Bay Wins: “I Thought It Was OK” » Brats & Beer Says:

    […] the most part, though I have to agree with brother Andy at the packergeeks that Rodgers is maybe a little too focused on getting rid of the ball quickly. Hopefully with more game experience he’ll take that extra […]

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