First Quarter recap


So far, so good.

  • Goose Gossage, or I mean Rodgers, is playing calmly and appears significantly more comfortable than he did last week.
  • Jennings presence helps big-time.
  • Dumervil is really good but Tausch got used…just used there.
  • Al Harris is not looking too quick anymore.
  • Ruvell Martin surprising nobody by making big, yet quiet plays.
  • Once Jason Hunter figures out what he’s doing out there, he could dominate. It jus tseems like right now, he has a great motor and great energy and is all over the place, but just not making plays yet.
  •  Chillar and Poppinga both had some fairly obvious missed tackles.
  • Morency up and down, Jackson not doing much.


  • Overall, looking quite good so far.

9 Responses to “First Quarter recap”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    As soon as the plane lands at Straubel (sp), the defense goes to Hinkle Field and practise tacling until next wednesday night. The defensive is not ready to play Pro Football. Chillar and Barnett two missed tackles each. The line would be better off lining up five yards off the ball and moving to the line of scrimage. They are pathetic. A 99 1/2 yard drive. Almost all on the ground. What the hell is wrong?

    Bigby, Collins, and Sitton hurt.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Rush the Damn Passer you idiots.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    They even had the arena league guy (Malone) playing tackle with the 1st team. D-Line Stink-Stink-Stink. Corey Williams where are yee? Broncos 6+ yards per caryy in the 1st half.

  4. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I hope this is the start of A-Rod’s ever-changing facial hair. I understand the transition from a beard to a fu-manchu, I’ll bet a game or two he goes full 70’s porn style mustachio.

    I was a bit concerned about the blocking during the running game, but that was alleviated by Rodger’s crisp passes and – finally- he rolled right and completed a pass!

    I was shocked to see Tausher get BURNED giving up a sack. My TiVo worked overtime on that one. MT didn’t stumble but was just not quick enough. Maybe he should do some more of those sideways run drills they made us do in middle and high school football….

  5. Mr.Man Says:

    Rodgers needs to stick with the beard or shave completely. Seriously, I know it’s training camp and he’s playing around with facial hair styles, but looking like a nimrod is not going to help people get over Favre. Also, goatees are for baseball players or fat guys looking to take attention away from their multiple chins. Beard or clean-shaven, A-Rodg.

    Also, I hope to goodness Jason Hunter turns into something, but I highly doubt he will. He’s going to be like Brandon Abedajo for the Bears– a decently sized, intense, and valuable special teams player. But not someone who ever turns into a contributor on regular downs. He just doesn’t have the football sense.

  6. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I completely disagree, Man. Rodgers needs to give the announcers something else to talk about when they run out of cliches “It’s gotta be difficult to be in the position Aaron Rodgers is in…” (should there be a drinking game for that cliche during games?) Facial hair seems like a good place to go.

  7. Jack`The Pack fan Says:

    Amazingly, I agree with the facial hair issues facing Rodgers. As much as I have supported him throughout this media circus I think it is time for him to make a choice. Either have a goatee, a mustache, a full beard, or shave it all. His current doo is just too seventies. Someone has to have access to him on this board. Please let him know he looks a little odd with his current doo. I can’t stand the seventies porn stache. That has to go. Someone get ahold of Packers managment and let them know how we feel….

  8. Mr.Man Says:

    Not a bad point. If that’s his motivation, then I demand to see mutton chops. However, I still think looking like a jackass is going to irritate the fans who believe (rightly?) that Favre was the only reason the Packers were rescued from the putrescence of the 70s and 80s, and (wrongly) thought that last season proved he was Peter Pan and could play quarterback forever.

  9. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Nice job blending “mutton chops” and “Peter Pan” in the same drop. I like that. Could Rodgers be a bit passive agressive, knowing it’s irritating the powers behind G-Force? He knows all eyes are on him, so why not have fun with it, I guess. BTW, frost warnings already in parts of Wisconsin. If Favre had stayed, Old Man Winter would have had Favre by the short hairs. And I don’t mean his beard.

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