Interesting Packer thoughts from Vic Carucci


Read here for Vic’s thoughts on Packers camp through the Bengals game (an article from last Friday). Of primary interest to me are 3 things: his thoughts on the back-up QB issue, other people’s alleged thoughts re the O-Line, and Jason Hunter’s speed.

  • First of all, I do think it’s time we weigh in on the back-up QB controversy. Jennings and others have said that Brohm apparently looks better in practice. And yes, Brohm received a $900,000 signing bonus and Flynn received a $64,000 signing bonus. I’m sure that factors in here for the team as to who should be #2. And, Brohm came to the Packers after having a very impressive college career. And, Brohm apparently has the physical tools to not just be a solid back-up but to be a potentially valuable NFL starter someday. But he is being seriously outplayed right now by Flynn. I noticed after the Family Night scrimmage, the first of Flynn’s 3 better games, that Flynn seemed to have a presence or poise out there that I was just not expecting. He hasn’t played great in any of the 3 games so far, but so far he has just seemed more ready to step in and play QB than Brohm. Perhaps it’s because Flynn is playing against 3rd team defenses etc, but keep in mind, then Flynn is also playing with a 3rd team offense. In the end, my position on this would simply be to let the 2 QBs continue to duke it out until the season starts. If the pattern continues, and Flynn continues to outplay Brohm, I think you have to go with Flynn as the #2 guy. But I also think it’s only fair to continue to give Brohm a shot at redeeming himself. He may just be having a slow start and he still does have a ton of potential. So, I’d keep Brohm at #2 for now but considering making a switch if he continues to stink it up in the next 2 games.
  • How can other teams be apparently drooling over our O-Line right now? Sure this comment was made before the San Fran game, but is Carucci serious re this: “In fact, several NFL teams are known to be ready to snatch up any of the players they release on the unit and are also expecting the Packers to trade one or more of their linemen.
  • Carucci mentions that Jason Hunter, a 6’4″ 271lb DE, apparently runs a 4.4 40 yard dash. That’s unreal folks. Maybe he should return kicks! How would you like to tackle a guy running with 4.4 speed at 271lbs. Better yet, maybe he should get a look at Tight End…actually, that’s not a bad idea if he can catch anything at all

UPDATE: Need to clarify my position on the QB situation a bit. I didn’t mean to convey that I would not be open to acquiring a veteran QB. (I was too focused in my post on the battle for #2 QB). I definitely think picking a veteran QB should be on the table. If things continue to go as they have gone, especially if both QBs no-show again for the Denver game, I think a veteran QB may be needed.


8 Responses to “Interesting Packer thoughts from Vic Carucci”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Jason Hunter – can you stop the 15 yard facemask penalties before we canonize him?

  2. DaveK Says:

    I still think that the Packers will add a vet QB. Neither Flynn or Brohm are even close to ready. I am guessing Simms when he is released or maybe TT will trade a 6th for him soon to get him into camp. At that point I think Flynn eventually gets sent to the practice squad regardless if he outplays Brohm. Third string QB’s are about potential and no way could they put Brohm on the practice squad.

  3. ebongreen Says:

    When he weighed 250, he was timed around a 4.5 40-yd dash. (Google “Jason Hunter Packers dash”.) I doubt he runs that fast at 270 – I think Carucci’s playing a little fast and loose.

    Really good athletes can run that fast at 250 – see AJ Hawk, for example. I doubt Hunter runs appreciably faster than Julius Peppers, who was clocked around a 4.7 at 290lbs. If Hunter can hit a 4.6 at 270, he’s still damn fast, but a 4.4 (or even a 4.5) at 270 would be unreal. Dwight Freeney ran a 4.4 coming out of college, but Hunter’s no Dwight Freeney.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    The persistent trunk injury to Scot Wells is having a major impact on the line’s stability. It’s blatantly obvious when McCarthy moves Spitz to center he has not yet found the mix that will work. Moll, Claridge, Coston and Sitton are not doing the job. If they were, he would have made a decision by now. Hopefully this will end soon.

    D-Line tackle roblem solved. Sign a guy from Houston’s Arena League team.

    Trade for line men (O & D) not wideouts.

  5. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    DaveK: I sort of doubt that Flynn would make to the practice squad. I just wouldn’t want to take that risk. Frankly, I’d rather give Flynn a chance at starting in a pinch over a QB like Chris Simms.

  6. DaveK Says:

    Donald’s Driver: Are you ready to have Flynn or Brohm play a half or a few games if Rodgers get hurt? That seems scary to me. The problem is you have two projects at QB and neither seem remotely ready to start in this league. Having two projects behind a injury prone starter seems to be a huge risk. That is why I think they add a vet and maybe lose Flynn if he doesn’t make it to the practice squad. It would be a different story if Brohm really played well and seemed up to the task but I just don’t see that right now from him.

    They put all in for Rodgers so that tells me they really believe he is the long term answer. They need to find a back-up that can salvage a game or maybe make a few starts and give the team a chance to win. That is more important then grooming a 7th round pick when you already have another grooming project on the roster.

    So, best case scenario is that they evaluate Brohm to be better then any availible free agent or Simms. Maybe they see something in practice that he doesn’t show in the preseason games. Then you get to keep all three. But, based on what I have seen from Brohm I would think Simms or Culpepper could probably give the Packers a better chance at winning a few games if Rodgers goes down for a bit.

  7. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Does it seem scary to have Flynn or Brohm start a few games? Sure. Does it seem scary to have Simms or Craig Nall start a few games? Yes. (Culpepper doesn’t want to be a back-up.)

    To the same extent that Flynn and Brohm are not “remotely ready” to start: neither is Chris Simms. The difference between Flynn and Simms is that Flynn has some potential and I’d kind of like to see what type of QB he can be in a year or two. Simms is a desperate stop-gap solution. I’d rather take my chances with Flynn.

    Think about this: Derek Anderson was a sixth round pick by the Ravens in 2005. They cut him (and kept the “seasoned vet” Anthony Wright) and the Browns immediately picked him up. Two years later Anderson is a Pro Bowl QB for the Browns. Two years later, the Ravens had to spend yet another first round pick on yet another QB that might not pan out.

  8. Flynn Should Be the Backup | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] UPDATE:  Andy over at Packergeeks has noticed some of the same things I have. […]

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