Boldin wanting out?


Arizona Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin, one of the best in the NFL since day one of his career, has recently indicated he wants to be traded from AZ – read here for more. (Apparently the Cards though have no interest in pursuing a trade). Now, this may sound crazy to some who believe we already have a very good WR corps (which I do), but man would it be amazing to have a receiving corps with Driver, Jennings and Boldin. Having Jennings as the #3 receiver would simply make defending our pass plays impossible and really set Rodgers up for a very positive 1st year starter experience. Here’s my proposal: trade James Jones and a 2009 2nd round pick to AZ for Boldin. We have plenty of cap room to sign him to a nice contract, he’d likely be interested in going to a team that doesn’t lose all the time, and Jones and a 2nd round pick would soften the blow the Cardinals would feel while at the same time, shedding a player whose contract issue has become a thorn in their pre-season side.

Just a thought…


13 Responses to “Boldin wanting out?”

  1. cheese0317 Says:

    Ted drafted Jones so he’ll never trade him … unless it means he can move down in on draft day. We’ve crossed the Rubicon with Jones, gone down a new path, how could we possible make room for anyone who didn’t make it onto Ted’s draft board?

  2. ScottinDC Says:

    Andy, I think that’s an awesome idea! The Packers have plenty of cap room, so they could definately afford Boldin. I really like Jones a lot, but I think you’re scenario with Jennings as a #3 man is too good to pass up. Let’s face it, Jones and Martin would probably be #1 and 2 receivers on most other teams, so I think Arizona would take the bait. If the Packers get Boldin, you could throw me out there and I’d be awesome. Please send this on to Ted!

  3. ebongreen Says:

    Boldin is a good player, but the scenario you’ve outlined is already coming to pass – just substitute the trio of Jennings, Jones, and Nelson as your WR corps of the future and you’ve got it. Jennings and Jones are both three years younger, and Jordy Nelson is four. Were I Ted, I’d feel pretty good about my depth right now (including Driver & Ruvell Martin) and not wanna fsck with it. There’s plenty of teams out there who would offer more for Anquan than Ted (like the Redskins who wanted Chad Johnson); that’s not a pond in which I see the Packers as likely to fish.

  4. RayMidge Says:

    Interesting idea, but I don’t like it. There is no doubt Boldin is an excellent reciever and productive, but (and I may be wrong) hasn’t Boldin been the type of guy who complains about not getting enough balls and has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about recognition/respect? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with those types of guys in all the time, but on this team and with this particular QB situation and this type of offense, I don’t think its what we need. Also, you guys have already pointed out that Jones will likely be a security blanket for Rodgers due to thier familiarity with each other from the scout team so trading him wouldn’t help Rodgers’ comfort level or timing. Lastly, I think Jones stands to be every bit as good as Boldin as soon as this year and into the future but he’s younger and cheaper and already been in the offensive system. Boldin is excellent in a way that lots of guys at WR in the NFL are excellent; he isn’t a freak athelete or unstoppable, though. Giving away a 2nd rounder for a guy who is a potential clubhouse/media problem and will probably be only slightly more productive than the guy you are trading away (not to mention older) is not a smart move in my opinion.

  5. Ron La Canne Says:

    The Pakers problem at this time is not wide receiver. Their problem is an overrated O-Line (i.e. Post above)

  6. awhayes Says:

    Interesting thoughts RayMidge – funny, I had a hard time writing that post because I actually am expecting a break-out year this year from Jones and don’t want to see him go. However, I do disagree with you when you say Boldin isn’t a freak athlete or unstoppable, I actually think he is both. He is as strong as Sterling Sharpe, fast and has great hands. He would be an immediate impact player, more so than even a break out Jones. I’m not too worried about Boldin’s attitude, I think whatever he’s said falls more in the category of being competitive/playing for a crappy team and having another elite receiver on his team who’s being paid 2.5x more than he is.

  7. Aaron Says:

    We already have a younger better Boldin. His name is James Jones.

  8. Schaefer Says:

    I agree with RayMidge, especially the “security blanket” comment. Rodgers and Jones have developed a nice chemistry and I wouldn’t mess with that for a talented player but unknown locker room presence…Boldin isn’t that good.

  9. awhayes Says:

    Interesting Schaef and others – as I noted responding to RayMidge, I myself have a hard time with the thought of letting Jones go at this point considering he may end up leading the team in receptions this year. But I do disagree with your last point Schaef – Boldin is very very good.

  10. DaveK Says:

    I like James Jones but he is no Anquan Boldin. They do seem to be similar player in terms of size and speed. But, Boldin is just a step above Jones in almost every aspect. A little bigger. Better hands. Boldin is just a red zone monster. Good blocker. Hard to tackle after the catch. The most impressive thing about Boldin to me is his ability to go up and get a ball. He seems to have that knack that the truly great WR’s have like Moss. He is just natural and smooth going up to get the ball.

    The only issue I have is character and I really have no idea about that. He seems pretty bent out of shape about his contract simply because Fitzgerald has a bigger contract. May not want that kind of guy in the locker room especially if he is not the number one guy. You add Boldin to the squad though and you have three legit #1 receivers and that would be just plain hard to cover.

  11. Schaefer Says:

    AWH-statistically boldin is one of the best in game, and I like him , but he is going into his 7th year and wants to be paid…probably rightfully so – I’m not judging that– but basically the pack would have to trade away an up and coming 2nd year player (when most “experts” agree WRs don’t hit full stride until their 3rd year) who has developed a nice chemistry with their first year starting QB. The money is probably the least of the worries as Boldin probably deserves the $$, and the Pack has room, but we’d have to restructure his contract so he can go from making $4 mil/yr to roughly, what $10 mil/yr…and it all seems b/c he wants to be “the man” well what happens if Greg Jennings becomes The Man, and gets a new contract for more $$ than Boldin? does Boldin pout and want a trade again? maybe he is that good, but I guess I don’t think he is worth it.

    Also, James Jones is damn good….

  12. Bending Ted Thompson’s Ear » Brats & Beer Says:

    […] 4th rounder?) Packergeeks, on the other hand, says send James Jones and a pick to the Cardinals for malcontent Anquan Boldin. (Make it Jake Allen and a 3rd rounder and I’m on board.) Unfortunately, TT has been too busy […]

  13. Aaron Says:

    DaveK – No knock on Boldin – he is great – but Jones is a beast who will only get better and is locked up for the next three years at a Packer-friendly rate. Why on Earth would you trade for a marginally better player and take on board a monster salary? The ‘upgrade’ just is not worth it.

    Plus, by years end, you’ll be thinking Jones looks like a #1 WR. Bank on it.

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