Game Recap – 49ers


Here are some thoughts on last night’s game – I especially like thought #3. (As always, this is pre-season and not much should be made of this game. That said, it is a game, it’s on TV and a bunch of the players are playing for their careers, so it should count for something).

  • Vernon Davis might be really good this year if the 49ers figure out their QB situation
  • Will Blackmon had a nice defensive special teams play
  • “I don’t see us getting blown out this year” (because I have confidence in McCarthy – final score of course was 34-6).
  • Michael Montgomery had a few nice plays in the first quarter. He seems to have a knack for pursuit.
  • the 4 LB blitz option is interesting – kind of exciting.
  • Seems like Rodgers has learned the hard count/cadence from Favre. He’s getting good at drawing people offsides.
  • Why is it that so many teams start games out with an exciting mix of playcalling that eventually gives way to incredibly boring play calls and incredibly boring first halves – at least that’s what happened last night.
  • Mike Sherman did make a good call drafting Nick Barnett – he’s really good.
  • Hodge continued to be active – he was the 2nd best LB on the team for the 2nd straight game. If this continues, I wonder if they’d consider moving him to compete with Poppinga.
  • Packer games this year may not be as exciting as previous years.
  • Bush is really an inconsistent player.
  • Horrendous O-Line play last night, just horrendous.
  • Morency always seems to have at least one huge run that borders on being an ESPN highlight kind of play – then he settles in for some no-gainers.
  • Hey Rich Gannon, it’s ath-le-tic, not ath-e-le-tic.
  • Gannon was right that some of the sacks and pressure seemed to be due to either good coverage or Rodgers and the receivers being out of sync. I really hope it wasn’t the latter, but kind of suspect it was.
  • Is Jon Ryan…transparent? I got a good look at him right before one of his booming punts (though punts that don’t go very high) and he looked incredibly white to me.
  • Patrick Lee had a monster hit – wow.
  • Josh Morgan for the 49ers might be a sneaky good Fantasy pick this year.
  • Packers did very poorly in pressuring the opposing QBs. Where’s Kampman?
  • Nelson had 2 outrageously good returns. On the second one, he shifted into another gear and almost flew past the last man. Very impressive at returning leaving me to wonder if I still really think Blackmon should return punts. Nelson looks very good. I’m sure teammates though gave him a hard time for being stopped 2x by Nedney.
  • Brohm did have one great throw to Jake Allen – a very professional looking play. Unfortunately for Brohm, there wasn’t much else to hang his hat on.
  • Colledge may not make the team – seriously.
  • Lumpkin still good. I like him back there.

9 Responses to “Game Recap – 49ers”

  1. scott in wisconsin Says:

    What about DD? Second game fopping tosses that were in his hands and should’ve been catchable. Anyone notice MM pushing assistants aside during the game? I am willing to bet that was a l-o-n-g flight back with him on the plane.

  2. Aaron Says:

    “Packer games this year may not be as exciting as previous years” – Only if you are an offense-only kind of fan…

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    Don’t need to be polite about it, the Defense was pathetic after they started subing out the # 1 line. No damn backup players available. If Harrel isn’t back this week I’m betting IR on the 30th. Don’t bet that KGB won’t be joining him. Ryan Pickett must be in pads for tomorrow’s practice. I’m begining to have visions of his name on IR too.

    What the hell is wrong with the O-Line? Even Tauscher and Clifton were getting pushed around. Bill Michels (WTMJ in Milwaukee) made a faux paux at halftime of last night’s game. It was so appropriate I will paraphrase it here, “Josh “Shit on” (Sitton) showed us his inexperience tonight. Truer words were never spoken. Folks, we played the 49ers the 49ers for God’s sake. They are pathetic. Okland beat their butt last week. The Packers made them look like All-Pros.

    Let’s face it QB is the least of their worries. Looks like our new RB hero of the month is going to be Kregg Lumpkin. Why the hell is Ryan Grant still out of pad’s with a hamstring? Wynn is destined for the cut joined by Morency . I’m guessing they keep Heron because he’s the one back they have who remembers the plays and blocking assignments.

    Ryan had a 50+ yard gross, but only a 35 yard net. Not good enough. 49ers backup will not make their team and he was magnificent placing the ball inside the 20. Worth a look — Ted are you awake?

    Another short week – travel to Denver Friday night. We’ll see how McCarthey can put the ship back in order by then. 0 and 3 going into the last pre-season in GB will bring out Favreites in full force. Don’t forget it is a “Gold” package game ( Milwaukee Season Ticket Holders) and they are much more , shall we say, outgoing than the Green package fans. T.T.’s birth status will be the favorite fan shout of the night.

    McCarthy needs to be the COACH and stay the COACH. Being the cannon fodder for Thompson should never have happened. Way too much distraction from the team.

  4. Gamecube Console Says:

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  5. Aaron Says:

    No way Morency gets cut. He’s the only back who can a) pick up the blitz and b) execute a screen pass correctly

  6. awhayes Says:

    With Aaron here on Morency (of course I had high hopes for Morency last year – was a huge fan of his, so I’m clouded in bias). But I do think Morency is better at blocking and not a bad option as a 3rd down back.

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    My view on Morency is not as optimistic. He has been very inconsistent. With Grant still unavailable (If he doesn’t play Friday I’m getting very worried), Morency remains in the mix. Jackson can’t block his mother and Grant hasn’t really shown well on screens. So, the cuts may be influenced by Grant’s ability to play. If he’s still hurt Morency stays. Otherwise the remaining position is between Morency, Lumpkin and Heron. Coaches love Heron. Laraby and Mc Laren say at least 15 times a broadcast; “Heron will never play himself out of a positon on this team.”

  8. cheese0317 Says:

    I was and am more critical of the Favre decision than anyone. That said, now that Ted hath shit the bed, Rodgers deserves a season to see if he can cut the mustard. But what about if he gets hurt? Seems like this “path” that TT et al. are moving down “across the Rubicon” and “in a new direction” did not account for finding a legitimate backup QB.

    Today, the GB beat writers seem to be noticing the same problem:

    From the Press Gazette beat writer, Vandermause:
    General Manager Ted Thompson will face severe criticism if his judgment on Favre and Rodgers proves faulty. But handing the backup quarterback positions to a pair of unproven rookies could turn into an even bigger blunder. Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn may someday be fine NFL quarterbacks. But if either is forced into a starting role this year due to an injury to the suddenly vulnerable Rodgers, the Packers’ playoff hopes will evaporate. The normally conservative-minded Thompson is taking a huge risk at the most important position on the team.

  9. Chet Says:

    I have to agree with cheese0317, my biggest concern right now is the back up qb position. No way are either Brohm ot Flynn ready to step in. I think they need to find a vet qb ASAP. Also, what’s the deal with Grant? First, his contract holdout was overshadowed by the Favre saga and a few days after signing a new deal he hurts his hammy. How serious of an injury is this? It would be nice to see Grant and Jennings back in the line-up this Friday.

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