An Overreaction


Interesting non-football question.  A Swedish wrestler was stripped of his bronze medal after he complained about a penalty called on him.  The New York Times reports:

A contentious penalty that cost him a chance to compete for a gold medal in the middleweight division Thursday left Abrahamian furious. News reports said that he had to be restrained from wrestling officials after the incident.

I understand being upset, but wrestling officials?


3 Responses to “An Overreaction”

  1. Mac G Says:

    Favre looks solid, Rodgers undersiege, Packers get rolled, thank god its only preseason.

    Hey Favre haters and TT lovers, Karma is going to be a bitch.

  2. scott in wisconsin Says:

    It was a “no film” no prep game that meant nothing. Last year everyone was in panic mode because “we have no running game!!!” Now it’s “We got no Brett!!!!” New year, new whine, Mac. Favre will do great, throw lots of TDs for Jets, lead the Jets to a playoff game and then sputter out. We’ll get a second round draft pick next year. Rodgers will improve. Bush will be cut. Hopefully soon. The Packers grossly outperformed last year. I’m looking at them hitting at least .500.

  3. PackerBacker4Ever Says:

    Their is a specific grievance process to follow for athletes who disagree with a result. Also, the rules for athletes during medal cermonies are clear with no tolerance for political demonstrations or protests. The stated punishment is a loss of a medal. He knew the consequences before he threw his temper tantrum and did it anyways.

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