Favre take – Gregg Easterbrook, ESPN


Read this take on the Favre situation (if you can stomach any more Favre situation talk) by one of the best writers out there – Gregg Easterbrook. Makes some sense to me, and echoes Steve’s post re this now being Ted Thompson’s team.

Also, wanted to add that I am still waiting for the “upcoming firestorm” from Favre and company for which the Packers apparently hired Ari Fleischer. Much of the reason I wanted to hold out on completely bashing Favre for his behavior during this episode was based on my firm belief that something bigger happened that the public just hasn’t been told about yet. While I acknowledge there was some justification for Favre feeling unwanted based on things we do know (especially if McGinn’s claim is true that TT didn’t want Favre back dating back well into last year), if this is all the info we have, I can’t help but be more bothered by Favre’s handling of this than the team’s handling of this. Perhaps we’ll hear more as time rolls on, who knows.

In the meantime, I’m focused on the Packers this year and really pulling for Rodgers. We still have a pretty good team I believe if the D-Line can come together. I will also though, be keeping an eye on how Favre does in NY. Maybe in some sense, it is fitting for Favre, who has played his entire career in the NFL’s smallest city, to go to its biggest city for a rousing send off. We’ll see.

4 Responses to “Favre take – Gregg Easterbrook, ESPN”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Overall, he doesn’t paint a very good picture of Favre. The two remaining options are interesting.

    !. “Favre traded to another team and plays well. -Idiots, Idiots.”

    Straight forward and undoubtedly true. T.T. and M.M. squared will be verbally and quite possibily physically abused for their outright stupidity.

    2. “Favre traded to another team and plays poorly — T.T. and M.M. squared are blamed: Their disrespect to Favre is said to have caused him to end his storied career on a sour note. Surely Favre himself will be saying this.”

    Obviously, this is the point that accounts for the Packers hiring Ari. If all works out for the Packers the best result they can hope for is Favre plays the whole season. If Mangini benches him for any reason he will probably retire again. And then the real issues between Favre and GB Mgt. will come to the surface. I hope a variety of responses are in the can and ready. Reading the teleprompter training should already have begun. In short, be prepared.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I think that TT/MM/MM take the brunt of this only if the Packers fall on their face this year.

    If Rodgers stays heathy this year, and continues to play at the leve we’ve seen so far, I think the Packers should get to at least 8 or 9 wins, and that will go a long way toward answering “How could they let this happen?”

    It should also be remembered that (given the state of the Bears, Lions, and Vikings), 9 or 10 wins could be enough to win the division this year.


  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    FYI Packers anounce today that the promotion package is going to be offered to Favre when he is officially retired. Hmmmmm! Ari?

    Also, Bengal DB fines $7,500 for Ruvell martin hit with his helmet.

  4. Bill Z Zeromski Says:

    After watching the fiasco that took place between the Farveless Pack and the 49er’s,and seeing Brett firing bullets for a touchdown w/ the Jets Sat. night,(were you watching Ted?) It has really cemented in my mind and many others ,what the hell were you thinking Green Bay Management? If this is a preview of games to come,I’ll be watching Favre and the Jets play their way to the play-offs and the green and gold struggle to 3-13 as Aaron struggles to find an open receiver while being sacked on his keister.Well TT,MM,MM your New Direction could be your walking papers out of the gate at Lambeau.

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