Brother Steve to be blindsided by Tarvaris Jackson?


Despite Brother Steve’s firm belief that Minnesota starting QB Tarvaris Jackson is horrible (a belief he shares with a good many other Packer fans), there is growing evidence to the contrary. Read here as Vic Carucci writes about how Jackson has matured and progressed to the point where the Vikings are quite confident in him. Also, read about how he handled the Favre’s rumors. I especially liked this snippet:

Besides, Jackson knew he wasn’t alone. He knew that in addition to the speculation that Favre could join the Vikings, there also was buzz about him winding up with a team — the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — that has a far more established quarterback.

Jeff Garcia led them to the playoffs last year, and is a pretty good quarterback, a Pro Bowl quarterback,” Jackson said. “So why do I have a right to be mad about my situation when I haven’t even done that yet?”

Steve and I continue to see Jackson’s abilities and potential very differently. I think he could be really, really good this year and in the next few years. I think it’s significant that he was 8-4 as a starter last year. Sure, he had Peterson in the fold which helps any QB, but 8-4 is a good record. He has amazing physical attributes and apparently he’s reached a much greater comfort level with the play-book and the whole being a team leader duty. And, I’m not just reacting to this article. I’ve read several other articles like it in the off-season and dating back to last year – so multiple sources have observed these improving qualities. I think it’s about time Steve and many other Packer fans who are so willing to cast this QB aside, wake up and realize that he could be responsible in good part for helping the Vikings battle for NFC North supremacy.


5 Responses to “Brother Steve to be blindsided by Tarvaris Jackson?”

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  3. Cindy V Says:

    I am ever hopeful that Brad Childress just doesn’t have it within himself to coach a winning team.

  4. alphacat Says:

    Even if Tavaris Jackson has a so-so season the Vikes could still be dangerous. He would have to be a total loser not to have the Vikings scary running game help him in the passing department. Lets just hope he’s a total loser.

  5. Mac G Says:

    I can not wait to see the Viqueens in 3rd and long with Tavaris facing a blitz, how does that work out for them on a consistent basis? Not good. Tavaris can not hit wide open WRs from 10 yards away either.

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