Packers vs. Cincinnati – game keys


This may be the lamest game keys posting of the year because there are really only three main ones:

  1. How does Rodgers to respond to all of this – will he give us some reassurance that he should be the man…more reassurance than he offered on Family Night?
  2. How will the team respond to Rodgers and the whole situation? Will they come out fired up or will they come out like they did back during Sherman’s demise…lifeless?
  3. NO SERIOUS INJURIES! Pre-season seems to be in place not only to evaluate players but also to make sure at least several NFL teams go into their seasons with injuries to key players they would much rather have on the field. Not a big fan of a 4 game pre-season.

(Minor keys: how will Poppinga vs Chillar shake out? Who will emerge as the most sensible option as punt returner?….should be Blackmon. Which back-up QB will begin to give us a better sense of security in the event that one of them is needed? Which RBs will be kept after Grant/Jackson? Will Wynn play? Will Josh Sitton really be considered for a starting role if he plays well?)


3 Responses to “Packers vs. Cincinnati – game keys”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Rodgers played well. The INT can be attributed. at least partially, to Francis. Good strong throws and on target.

    The defensive line fill-ins are F***ing awful. Opps, so much for Broohm.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Actually, the second defensive stinks.

  3. lostinutah Says:

    No pulled hammy?

    Good sign.

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