Game Recap


Following are some observations from the game:

  • Rodgers looked really really good. He needed this for himself, for the team and for the fans. Huge game Aaron.
  • Great reception for Rodgers by the fans – just fantastic.
  • Rodgers’ main target this year will be James Jones. They are very good friends and you can already see the comfort level. I wouldn’t mind that considering Jones is a guy Brother Steve has accused me of having a mancrush on.
  • Jackson is quicker than I thought he was.
  • I LOVE that Jackson didn’t just run out of bounds on 2 occasions – he kept driving and stayed in. Jim Brown was interviewed in the last few years about the state of the NFL running game and one comment he made, something I’ve wondered about too, is that RBs tend to run out of bounds way too often, when they don’t have to. He said it’s soft. Jackson was not soft tonight.
  • Blackmon should return kicks. Jordy seems like a nice guy and had one good return, but the fact is Blackmon is a very natural returner and importantly, it’s something he takes great pride in. I’m getting to the point where I’m reluctant to use Tramon back there because we may not be able to afford him getting hurt – he’s that good now.
  • Barnett/Hawk look very strong.
  • Offense looked very similar with Rodgers under center – compared to last year.
  • Ruvell Martin does nothing but make plays. As a coach, I’d have a hard time not giving him more playing time considering he does more when he’s on the field than just about anyone.
  • Tight pass defense by the Pack in the beginning of the game.
  • Defense could be a problem for the Packers though this season, especially on the line. Weak line play (Pickett makes a huge difference though).
  • Humphrey is huge- looks like Sterling Sharpe in that 84, didn’t play like Sharpe though.
  • The Bengals defense is shoddy – made us look good.
  • The Bengals running game started taking off due to HUGE holes, bad Pack d-line play.
  • Interesting TT was shown watching the game alone. Wonder if that’s common.
  • Brohm does not look ready or something for the NFL. Maybe he’s just nervous, but he just does not look sharp.
  • Flynn appears significantly more poised than Brohm and my guess is with the #1 offense, he may not be a bad player at all.
  • Jon Ryan is struggling.
  • Rouse has to get more consideration for starting if he goes through the pre-season and continues to make plays/get interceptions.
  • Craig Lumpkin is better than Noah Herron – he has some nice chip blocks in the backfield too.

UPDATE: Thanks to “The Choj” for pointing out that nobody seems to be mentioning Hodge. I made a note to include him in this post last night but forgot. Criminal almost, that I didn’t include the guy. He was outstanding last night. The first few great plays I sort of chalked up to adrenaline and him probably just being so pumped to be out there. But then he had a blocked pass and a tackle for loss and a monster hit and…He was really, really good last night. If that continues, I think it may be hard for the team to justify keeping him off the field (though I think he was lined up at middle linebacker and Barnett also looked very, very good). Nice problem to have perhaps.


23 Responses to “Game Recap”

  1. Aaron Says:

    “Interesting TT was shown watching the game alone. Wonder if that’s common”

    Funnily enough, if you go back and watch Favre’s first game in GB, the one where he came in for Majik, after Favre throws the TD to win the game, CBS cuts to Wolf sitting alone in a box.

  2. Jack Says:

    ARod looked incredible tonight! Little concerned about the drops by the receivers. Brohm looked pretty sketchy but he’s so new. Flynn looks like he might be able to move into the number 2 spot. All in all though I liked the composure of Rodgers and his arm strength is phenomenal. I think we’ll be better off without Favre in the long run. Good luck in NY Brett.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    D Line depth is a definete question mark. Jolly will be gone sometime in the season, Harrell may be on IR after the last cut. Pickett must be ready by Game 1. Hodge had a nice game. QB needs an experienced backup. None are available now. They will have to wait until the last cut on Aug. 30.

    #1 Defense – 3 series, 9 plays, 19 yards against Palmer and the Thugs. Great job. Looks like AJ is flying around the field this year. Barnett too.

    Rodgers did a very nice job. Strong arm was evident and was on target.

  4. The Choj Says:

    how is no one talking about the game Abdul Hodge had!?!?! the guy was the only one playing his heart out on the 2nd team D…Stud as far as i’m concerned

  5. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    RLC: I don’t see GB picking up a vet QB unless they decide to carry four QBs (which I doubt). They have too much invested in Brohm to cut him after one preseason. I can’t imagine the Packers cutting Flynn.

    If Rodgers gets hurt, they can try to pick up a vet off the scrap heap then.

  6. Aaron Says:

    C-Pep didn’t end up signing with the Steelers. My bet is they call him if one of their QBs is hurt, but not before.

  7. Joe Says:

    Rodgers looked very good. (Can we all agree not to call him A-Rodg? It may be the worst nickname ever.) Passes were crisp. But most importantly he looked comfortable and composed under center.

    Jackson looked good too. I have always thought he was going to be a flop but I may be proven wrong this year.

    Matt Flynn looked very good. While Brohm was tossing lollipops around, Flynn was chucking lasers.

    Hodge was an animal. I would like to see him get some work in that goofy 2-4-5 defense they put in this year.

  8. Ron La Canne Says:


    You are probably right, but I have this aversion to throwing a rookie into a full time starting job at QB. If Rodgers goes down, they need to rely on defense and an offense that doesn’t make any mistakes. Rookies make a lot of mistakes. The question then is, how fast can someone off the street adapt to the offensive scheme? What are we talking about? Rodgers isn’t going down, right?

  9. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Other observations from section 103, row 15….!

    Favre family’s skybox was blacked out/empty.

    The offense took the field as a group.

    “It’s Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood” was a popular sign/button/tee shirt

    A-Rod almost got killed by lousy blocking- that better improve especially since Bengals’ defense was pretty shoddy.

    Only saw two FAVRE Jets jerseys- one on a guy at a tailgate party at BF’s Steakhouse and the other on a cameraman on the field.

    Sometime during the third quarter a few fans started a “BRING BACK BRETT” chant that lasted all of 10 seconds.

    Also seemed like parking around Lambeau has gone up a few bucks. Saw NO $5 parking within 3 blocks of stadium, whereas last year there were a lot of $5 parking.

  10. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Yes it’s common TT watcches the game alone. I’ve seen him on TV before watching with nobody around.

  11. Cate Says:

    Besides the obvious story of Aaron Rodgers success, I thought Matt Flynn was a bigger surprise last night than press coverage is suggesting.

  12. Mr.Man Says:

    Unless Brohm shows rapid improvement, I almost think they’ll have to cut Flynn and hope to stash him on the practice squad. The problem with Hodge is that he plays middle linebacker and that’s basically it. It doesn’t look like he’s fast enough to play Will or big enough to play Sam. And Bishop unfortunately is in the same boat, and also, by all reports, has done well of late. Maybe they could trade one of them?

  13. Aaron Says:

    Mr. Man – They won’t cut any of the QB’s. Who ever is #3 will simply be inactive on gameday.

  14. wisconsinguy Says:

    good observations, Scott- makes me feel like I’m there, too!

  15. Trav Says:

    Interesting article from the Wall Street Journal yesterday on Favre.

  16. awhayes Says:

    Trav – someone sent that to me yesterday. Some good points in the article, but overall pretty harsh…at one point saying he may not be in the top 25 All-time? He seemed to use certain stats to make his case and minimized other stats that would bolster Favre’s case.

  17. Scott W Says:

    The reality is a QB in the NFL plays 12 or 13 games during the season. Chances are Rodgers will get hurt at some point during the season. Bring in either Brohm or Flynn and the playbook shrinks by at least 75%. At least a vet could come in and have more familiarity with a greater percentage of the plays.

  18. Trav Says:

    I agree it was harsh and I don’t particularily like when stats are sort of manipulated in order to try and make a point, as the author did in that story. It’s is a similar situation when a CB is looked at: “he only has 2 INT’s this year”. Yes, that may be true, but could it also be that the other teams are not throwing at him because he is a shut down corner? Or is it that he dropped 3 other potential INTs? The stats only show part of the overall story and when you further surpress numbers to bolster your story, well then it skews it even further.

    It will be interesting to see if this is the start of things to come with the NY media.

  19. Joe Says:

    “Chances are Rodgers will get hurt at some point during the season.”

    What are the chances that he’ll get hurt and have to sit? I want to hear the explanation and you better come with more than the broken foot and pulled hammy because those are dead issues. He played on the dang broken foot and all reports were that he could have played on the pull hammy but they sat him because they didn’t need him. Plus, given the little amount of playing time he saw, the value of these two injuries as a prediction of future events is almost non-existent.

  20. alphacat Says:

    Everyone seems to agree that Flynn was a pleasant surprise and could seem him passing Brohm as the number two guy, especially if he duplicates his perfomance. I was also impressed by Lumpkin and Jackson. Granted, the Bengals don’t have the Viking’s run D, but if they cut down on the mental errors, they could really take the pressure off of Grant.

  21. Scott W Says:


    I’m talking about any QB in the NFL playing all 16 games is low. We’ve been spoiled. I hope I’m wrong, but the stats say otherwise. You can’t ignore that reality and hopefully the Packers are prepared for that possibility.

    Two rookies backing up Rodgers concerns me.

  22. Joe Says:

    Sorry, Scott. I thought you were going for he’s injury prone standard line. Admittedly, I am not sure what the odds of a QB starting all 16 games in a season are.

  23. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Instead of asking “how long till Rodgers gets hurt?” I think a better question will be “How long till Favre realizes he doesn’t like playing in the cold anymore?” He could not handle the cold during the Giants game last season. What makes anyone think he will handle the weather on the East Coast. And I don’t think that WSJ reporter was being harsh, just being realistic. When Favre played for us, the majority of us loved him unconditionally, as if he was one of the family. I live near Whistling Straits golf course and during the years there were numerous Favre sightings driving through Burger King at the local Citgo before getting on 43 to go up to Green Bay. We’d see his wife in Target and Wal-Mart. He drove a pickup truck. He would wear camo when he wasn’t hunting. He was one of us and it really was no “act”. Nobody in the press around here wanted to ask him the hard questions, that’s for sure. And nobody did. The coverage up here was like a funeral- watching the jet take off on TV, crowds of people looking shocked, etc. I just hope he doesn’t get crucified by Jets fans and the press. He’ll toss interceptions. He’ll toss incompletes. He’ll bobble the ball. He’s no Montanna, that’s for sure and the WSJ reporter in the above link made some valid points. I think he’ll do well up there, but I think his streak of continuous starts is going to be broken this year. Just hope he isn’t.

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