Big Night for Rodgers


Let’s assume that Ted Thompson is correct.  And that he, like Mike McCarthy and the many other analysts and observers who think Aaron Rodgers will be be a good quarterback (like ESPN’s John Clayton), are right.  The key to his success, then, may be his ability to handle the pressure of replacing Brett Favre and how it affects him mentally.  It seems to me that quarterback, more than any other position (d-back is a close second) requires supreme confidence, and that quarterbacks with extraordinary athletic ability succeed or fail because they are confident in their ability and remain so.

So Rodgers’ performance tonight — as the unquestioned starter for the Green Bay Packers, as the guy who is good enough to get Brett Favre moved out of Green Bay — will be huge for his confidence.

In general, I think Rodgers has handled the past month very well.  But Tom Silverstein has an interesting and potentially revealing snippet from Rodgers about his mental state going into the game tonight

“You think about that all the time,” Rodgers said of running through the tunnel as the Packers’ starting quarterback. “Definitely, it’s going to be an exciting time. Hopefully there will be more cheers than boos.

“Sometimes there’s more boos than cheers in my dream. But we have a great group of fans and I’m excited about the opportunity to be one of the leaders on this football team and just get things rolling into the regular season.”

I hope there are more cheers than boos tonight…


4 Responses to “Big Night for Rodgers”

  1. Joe Says:

    “I hope there are more cheers than boos tonight…”

    Me too. I am really getting sick of those who are hoping Rodgers flops. This guy hasn’t done anything except play well enough to inspire the confidence of his coach and GM.

    Packer fans, its time to man up. You might not want Rodgers as the starting QB, maybe your still pining over Brett Favre; but this is our QB. Let’s get behind him until HE does something to deserve a pounding.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Amen! Adults yelling J-E-T-S at practice, kids using profanity towards A-Rod, fans mad at him like he’s the one who made the trade. Enough already. Everyone had a chance to vent so get over it. He’s our quarterback. Anyone ever think it increases his confidence to hear cheers? Confidence means wins folks.

  3. RayMidge Says:

    I feel like Rodgers will play pretty well tonight. As long as Marvin Lewis doesn’t get silly and start throwing blitzes at him which he very well might do just to see if he can break the kid before he even gets started.

  4. alphacat Says:

    Rodgers did fine. I just wish Kornheiser, Wilbon and Jaworski would just shut up. They were more interested in pontificating than calling the game.

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