Like Trav says, time to move on


I wanted to get my last post up there just to vent some of the things that had been on my mind re the Favre thing. After re-reading it, I’d say it came off a bit more anti-team/TT than I intended it to. Bottom line is that the whole thing bothered me and still does. And I will even allow that I think some of my anger ended up being misdirected at the team and management when really, it’s probably more just general anger that Favre’s nicely sealed Packer legacy that was in place starting March 6, was injured. I think Favre definitely caused a good deal of this too – but it just hurts that things didn’t end as nicely as I wanted them to.

Now, let’s move on! D-Line concerns? O-Line concerns (looks like Sitton might challenge for the starting spot)? How is Grant doing back in the fold? Is the Rouse injury serious or is he fine? Who’s a better golfer Jon Ryan or Mason Crosby? I am as pumped for this season as any other because with change comes the anticipation for the unknown. And yes Trav, we plan a position by position breakdown complete with Steve’s questionable player judgments. I also have plans for an NFC North breakdown, and of course most importantly, our predictions for how each NFL team will do this year.

One quick/important/kumbaya-type note: just want to put out there that Steve and I were talking the other day about how we really appreciate the fact that our blog and discussion forum attracts readers who not only have strong, thoughtful opinions, but also intelligent opinions. Our goal when this whole thing started was to create a blog featuring foremost, intelligent Packer discussion. I think we’ve achieved that largely because our readers really know what they’re talking about. Thanks for reading and keep commenting whether we’re dead on or way off!

4 Responses to “Like Trav says, time to move on”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Friday Morning Practice — Grant out with hamstring (not serious)

    Rodgers looking for new agent. God please don’t let it be Rosenhaus.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Has anyoone noticed the growing injury list? Is it time to be concerned? Grant, Wells, Pickett, Harris, Jolly, Muir, Jennings, Coston and more. They describe most as insignificant. I hope so.

  3. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Better to get the injuries over now, I guess. I hate the pre-season meaningless games. That’s when I cringe at who gets hurt over something stupid. I wish they would drop the preseason nonsense to 2 games, tops.

  4. Dave in Iowa Says:

    This all about Ted Twinkie wanting to get his “BOY” in there. He tried his best to get Farvre out and he finaly did. I think Farvre got sick of the little faggot, and his games. I wonder how Rodgers feels being handed the starters role and not earning it. Can you say 8-8 at best. I remember all the lean years before Farvre, and I think we are heading there again.

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