Odds and dead-ends


Editor’s Note: Jim posted this nearly early Wednesday evening and because of an editing glitch, I neglected to post it until now.  It holds up incredibly well.  My apologies. SFH

It is clear this saga is ending the way it began: with very clear indications that if TT had simply shown Favre love and attention the Pack would have its best shot at winning in camp and at the helm. I manage a bunch of people, some I like more than others. Some need special attention I don’t much care to give. That is the job of a manager. It does not take an advance degree in human studies to realize Favre craves and needs public displays of affection – much more than your average guy. He wants to be loved, often and in a very expressive way. He thrives on emotion, and this cuts many ways. It allows him to play through pain, celebrate like a punch-drunk kid after a TD and throw a temper tantrum when he feels slighted.

He wanted love when he was considering retiring, when he retired, when he considered unretiring and then cried for it the past month in very public and embarrassing ways.

It is clear from the public comments of the past 48 hours that a simple realization of this – and some public groveling – would have lured Favre back. There is plenty of blame to go around here, folks. But it is indisputable that if TT had done his job and played to the strengths and weaknesses of his star player much of this could have been avoided. Yes, that would have required TT to show extreme humility and maybe even a hint of weakness. TT did not want to do that – and we may never know why.


14 Responses to “Odds and dead-ends”

  1. lackey Says:

    Goodbye’s All We’ve Got Left
    (Steve Earle)

    I could tell it when I woke up this mornin’
    ‘Cause I can smell it when a heartache’s comin’
    Not that I’m in such a hurry to lose you
    I’d call you up but there’s nothin’ that I can do
    Talkin’ won’t do any good anyway
    ‘Cause goodbye’s all we’ve got left to say

    I don’t think that it’ll get any better
    So maybe you could just write me a letter
    And I could open it up when I’m stronger
    Another ten or twelve years, maybe longer
    Guess I just don’t feel much like bad news today
    Goodbye’s all we’ve got left to say

    Don’t try to call me ’cause I’m takin’ my phone out
    ‘Cause if it rings, I’ll know what it’s about
    And don’t you worry ’bout me ’cause I’m alright
    Maybe you’ll run into me somewhere, some night
    And if you do just keep goin’ your way
    Goodbye’s all we’ve got left to say

  2. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    I don’t know how useful office analogies are. I doubt that they are very useful at all. But to the extent that they have any utility, they favor getting rid of the Favre for the sake of the team. Favre is not Thompson’s only employee.

    Thompson After Favre’s Retirement: “Aaron. You’re our guy. We are very pleased with your hard work over these last few seasons and we look forward to a successful future with you.”

    Thompson After Favre’s First Un-Retirement: “Remember when we gave you that promotion? Yeeeeeeeeah. Well, Brett just called and said he wants to come back. Maybe, next year, kiddo. Keep your chin up! Oh and did you get the memo about your TPS reports?”

    Thompson A Couple Days After Favre’s Un-Un-retirement: “Aaron. Buddy. You’re our guy. You’ve always been our guy. Yeeaah. Thaaaat’s greeeeeeat.”

    I don’t know how many time’s I’ve heard it said that the Packers don’t owe Rodgers anything. And I agree, to an exent. However, every employer owes it to their employees not to continuously jerk them around.

    If this kind of garbage happened in my office, it wouldn’t only affect the poor bastard getting jerked around, it would affect the entire office morale.

  3. sfhayes Says:

    Who stole my stapler?

  4. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Does attitude count for anything? Isn’t it clear that the Packers weren’t Favre’s first choice (Vikings), second or third choice (Bucs, Jets) of a team to play for.

    Favre himself admitted he’s got some kind of major issue with the Packers that he is unwilling to resolve. An issue that has lead him to make charges of dishonesty and poor treatment.

    Like it or not, want it or not, Favre is a major influence on that team. Would you want an attitude like that in the locker room? That’s the key issue in how this went down.

    How much of a chance are you willing to take that his attitude isn’t going to spread through the team, and wreck their ability to play together, ruining the Packers ability to win for seasons to come?


  5. patrick Says:

    Would you want to play for Thompson after he drug your name through the mud, and told lie after lie about you? i sure as hell wouldn’t.

  6. Dave Says:

    patrick, I feel like we’ve been here before, but what lies were those again? How exactly did he drag his name through the mud?

    …and please don’t talk to me about a team issued cell phone.

  7. patrick Says:

    You mean the one where Thompson made up the story, told the press so he could yell “SEE, SEE!!! FAVRE DOESN’T WANT TO BE HERE!!”? Or the “We’re going to have a competition” and then change their mind when he’s there? Or the “we’re going to welcome him back” and then ban him from the locker room after saturday’s family game? Thompson is a used car salesman with crappy hair. I believe Thompson as much as the wiesel Ari and his former boss.

  8. VaCheezHead Says:

    Patrick, When did the Packers change their mind about the open competition? For a point of fact when Favre when back to Haittiesburg on Wednesday morning when interviewed he was forthright and said that he had expected his trip to Green Bay to be a short one. So he went up there and met with TT & MM with no expectation of staying and joining the Packers. In the end Brett made the decision that he didn’t want to be there because of everything that had transpired and been said. And correct me if I’m wrong but outside of the original press conference that TT held and the interviews that he gave on the Saturday following Brett’s demand to be released the Packers organization didn’t issue any statement other than the usual “there are ongoing talks” boilerplate. It has been Favre’s camp that has been continually throwing people under, over and through the bus during this whole ordeal.

    Look at it this way…when the Packers told Brett they had moved on he was hurt…and I believe that is when he decided that he would not play for the Green and Gold again. The focus of the Greta interview was more focused on getting his release so he could play within the division.

  9. Pmenadue Says:

    I’m trying to move past my white hot anger towards TT, and I need a little assistance. All I see ahead this year is a lot of four and outs, and a worn out defense getting torn up in the 4th quarter. Honestly, why should I spend 3 hours watching these guys this year? The defense will look great-good for 3 quarters and tire in the 4th because they’ll be on the field for 35-40 minutes. Why should I spend my time watching them and not doing something else? I’ve been a Packer fan back to Majik, and I can’t get past the image of them getting their heads handed to them by Minnesota and the Bears. Please convince me otherwise.

  10. VaCheezHead Says:

    All I can say is that TT & MM are some pretty darn good football people. They’ve taken the mess that Mike Sherman left from his reign as GM and in 2 years took the team from 4 – 12 to 14 – 4. They did that by getting Brett to play within MMs system….something he has not had the discipline to do the couple of years prior to MMs arrival. That being said Rodgers is a unknown to us, the fans, but MM & TT have been working with him for 3 years and they have faith in him. Considering how well TT has done evaluating talent we need to let him do his job and support the team.

  11. PackerBelle Says:

    Pmenadue, why should you spend 3 hours watching them? Simple – they’re the Green Bay Packers. Yes, I’d prefer they win every game by 30 points but I watch them because they are my team.

    This year may be hard. But it may not be because we have almost all of the team from last year coming back. Ryan Grant has a year of experience, we have a heck of an O-line, we might get a less vanilla defense and we have a heck of a coach who managed to win a whole bunch of games despite having no running game and the youngest team in the league last year. There is plenty of reason for optimism.

  12. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Ok- we all know now that TT had the foresight to put a “poison pill” clause in the Jets trade that if the Jets trade BF to Vikings, we get three first round draft picks. TT is not stupid. Letting emotions cloud your judgement is. Brett could have competed for the job. He chose not to. If you are so upset about this situation, become a Jets fan because you’re clearly a Favre fan more than you are a Packer fan.

  13. Joe Says:

    Can we talk about something else now? Please?

  14. Mr.Man Says:

    Pmenadue, I echo Packer Belle’s comments that you watch the Packers because they’re your team. If you’re feeling pessimistic about the upcoming season, read the positional previews in the Journal-Sentinel for the linebackers and the wideouts. It makes me feel better.

    In any event, you should have very little fears about the Bears beating the Packers. That is one match-up I feel better about without Favre. Lovie seemed to have his number, ever since he was the D-coordinator of the Rams when Favre threw 6 picks in the playoffs.

    Plus, I live in Chicago and watched the Bears last night in their first preseason game against the Chefs. Their offense looked awful. Simply awful. Their line is terrible. (Their first round pick, a LT, had back surgery last night. Tamba Hali was going around his replacement with regularity.) Their replacement for Benson is fine, but doesn’t look explosive. Their wideouts are washed up. Only Hester is exciting, and he only knows 6 plays. Their defense should be decent again (if it can stay healthy), particularly against the pass and against outside runs. But you counter that by just running straight at them. With Grant, an improved Jackson, and stronger guard play (with Sitton and Spitz, perhaps?), the Packers should be able to do just that. I have some concerns about the upcoming season, but I am very optimistic about sweeping the Bears this year.

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