Jets More Likely to Make Playoffs?


There is much to ignore in all of the analysis of the Brett Favre-to-the-Jets trade. So we’ll ignore most of it.

But this caught my interest. In a panel discussion on ESPN last night, all four ESPN NFL analysts said that the Jets were more likely than the Packers to reach the playoffs this year. The panelists were: Michael Irvin, Tom Jackson, Cris Carter and Emmit Smith.

I think they’re crazy. Let’s mark this prediction and return to it in January 2009.

Also, a bit of trivia: Favre will not only be reunited in New York with former Packer tight end Bubba Franks. He will also get to throw to former Packer draftee David Clowney. Clowney, picked in the 5th round last year, played in the Jets game last night against Cleveland. He caught 4 passes for 163 yards and two touchdowns.

Got to love the preseason.


12 Responses to “Jets More Likely to Make Playoffs?”

  1. Phil Says:

    In my best Nelson Muntz voice, “Ha ha!” Having Favre be the QB is not like waving a magic wand and clicking your heels 3 times. It does not automatically place you in the playoffs. If that were the case, the Pack wouldn’t have gone 4-12 just a couple seasons back. And looking at that team roster, do the Jets currently have that much better players that they will make the playoffs? The Pack will be fine once Rodgers gets the real-game experience and starts to get a feel for things. I think he more than showed he was capable last year against the Cowgirls.

  2. Kristin Says:

    Michael Irvin, Tom Jackson, Cris Carter and Emmitt Smith are all currently second-guessing their own retirements from football…

  3. VaCheezHead Says:

    More power to the J-E-T-S. If they make the playoff’s that means a 2nd round pick for GB.

  4. PackerBelle Says:

    I think it depends on who shows up at QB. If it is the Brett of 2007 then I think they have a decent shot. If it is the Brett of 2005 or 2006 then I think not so much. What these experts seem to forget is that the Jets are in New England’s division, which means they either have to finish ahead of New England in the division (which isn’t going t happen short of multiple catastrophic injuries to the Patriots) or get one of the two wild-card spots in order to make the play offs. While the Packers have a tough schedule and a new QB, they also play in a division with the Lions, the Bears and the Vikings. Two of those are really no threat and the third has a habit of self-destructing. So I tend to think this prediction is pretty crappy.

  5. Joe Says:

    That is interesting, the night the trade was announced I was up late watching ESPN and Chris Carter said the Packers with Aaron Rodgers were a better team than the Jets with Brett Favre. I wonder if he changed his mond or if he just thinks the NFC North is tougher than the AFC East.

  6. Trav Says:

    I think the 4 of them might have scored some crack from Andy prior to getting on the set.

    I have heard that the Jets are trying to make their run this year, given their off-season spending and deals. Has anyone heard the same?

    That being the case, what if they are 3-6 going into Week 10 (or something like that). Do they change course and go to build for next year by bringing in Ratliff or Clemens at QB, bench Favre, and end the streak? If they finish sub .500, is he pushed out at the end of the season? Will the Jets stick with Favre, regardless of outcome for the entire season? Are the Jets smart and asked for some type of minimum commitment in terms of years from Favre?

    I also thought some of his wording in the press conf. was interesting. Using the first comment is usually the one with the most truth, he talked about being “vindictive”, talked about being “out of shape”, talked about not knowing anyone but Bubba. This might be a case of be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Not that he ever just phoned it in, but the level of preparation and the scrutiny of those in NY might be more than he is ready for. Given that he commented in his retirement speech about the mental aspect and commented previously about not wanting to start over at his age, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. The only familar face is Bubba now: No DD, no Jennings, etc. How quickly he gets on the same page with Coles and the rest of his receiving core will dictate if he can have any success. Lord knows that T. Jones and his 1 TD last year is not like having Grant behind you.

  7. Packerholic Says:

    I personally don’t really care what these experts say. Remember last year when we weren’t supposed to make the playoffs and be 2nd or 3rd in the division. Obviously they dropped the ball on that on. Overall I think the Packers will be fine this year. Unless the Packers have a major injury I see them making the playoffs. As far as the Jets I have to say that they have a much harder route to the playoffs as we do. They will have to get a wild card since they aren’t going to beat the Patriots for the division. The wild card will even be hard to get since either Indy or Jacksonville will get one of the spots since they obviously both can’t win the division. So that means the Jets will essentially have to beat out all the other teams to hopefully get the last wild card spot. I don’t think the Jets will be making the postseason this year.

  8. sfhayes Says:

    Good points, Packerholic. Add to them the fact that both Tennessee and Houston should be much better than last year and the AFC South looks like the best division in the NFL. Getting one of those wild card spots will be very tough.

    Trav, I think Thomas Jones could have a resurgence this year. With Mangold, who is solid, and Alan Faneca, he should have some holes over the left side of that line.

    I think the Jets are definitely trying to win this year. Weird. I think they still have the taste in their mouths from the playoff run two years ago and both Tannenbaum and Mangini are worried about their job security after last year’s disastrous performance. Even with a very easy schedule, hard to see them doing much better than .500 and easy to see them doing worse.

  9. Trav Says:

    There was a posting in JSOnline yesterday that CBS 58 has already inquired to the NFL about carrying as many Jets games as possible this year in Southeastern WI and assured the NFL that ratings would be very high, which at least for week 1 and 2, could be an understatement.

    I would agree with you about Jones and the potential for a better year. Since Pennington couldn’t throw further than 10 yards, there might be more room to run this year.

    Final comment…I think A-Rodg has done an admirable job throughout this whole ordeal (sans the SI comment). Said and did the right things, which I appreciate given how much of an epic saga this turned out to be.

  10. goodeggblogger Says:

    I think Brett will give it his best shot but, in the end, he will become a huge/overpaid celebrity. Being in the NY market with major advetisers and media down the street and because he isn’t interested in developing a career as a player, being an overpaid celebrity will be more than any guy approaching retirement could ask for.

    He will be more famous than ever. Even if he has a lousy season. Also, this crap about being a country boy………I think he’ll be in his little Soho pad sooner than people can say “let’s play some football”.

    The Packers should have considered that in their trade.

  11. Mac G Says:

    I hate the biggest winner in this whole saga is that greedy dictator bastard Roger Goddell.

    The Jets still suck and Magini is an overrated coach just like most of Belliprick’s ex coaches.

  12. T Says:

    Hey packergeeks,

    Can you recommend some great Jets blogs? There is a lot for a Cheesehead to get caught up on. Prior to this I knew 2 things about the AFC:

    1. There is a team called the Patriots (the self-appointed gods of football) who we beat in the Superbowl.
    2. There is a team called the Broncos who beat us in the Superbowl.

    Any help navigating the world of Jets would be appreciated!

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