Favre to Jets – the deed is done


Ok, it’s in most publications right now, anywhere you go on the internet. From Tom Silverstein at jsonline, this is my favorite line:

The Jets sold Favre on the fact that the new (team HQ) location is in the suburbs and features some rural areas where he can fish and hunt.

I must admit I am relieved this is all over. What a messed up situation for everyone. One quick question for the Jets: did you do all of this just to jack up the prices on the seat licenses? Anyway, it will be interesting to see Favre in another uniform (if he doesn’t retire before actually playing).

But right now, I’m focused on the Packers picking up Chad Pennington – who is likely to be cut by the Jets. I think he would add very important depth to our QB roster. And, though I know there are others who want so badly to just have Rodgers be the unquestioned guy here, I don’t think stiff competition for the starting spot would hurt him. Listen, as I’ve written before, I think Rodgers might be quite good. But I’ve been wrong about a player or two (DeMond Parker for example, though he was never given a fair chance…). Pennington would not only provide real competition for Rodgers, he could also be a very strong back-up in case of injury, he’s heady and could learn MM’s offense well and if he does back up Rodgers, he could offer valuable veteran guidance, something this team has none of right now.

One concern I do have right now is that Pennington might land with Minnesota or the Bears (who still haven’t decided which horrible option they’ll go with as starter, Orton to start this week and Rex to start next week).

STEVE ADDS: Andy once again smoking crack.  Do you really think, after saying all off-season that Aaron Rodgers was the starter and only when Brett Favre showed up in Green Bay saying that he could compete to start, that the Packers would let Chad Pennington compete with Rodgers?  Crack, I tell you.

I’m fine if we pick up Pennington, though I suspect others will be willing to pay him more than we will.  But it’s not because he’s very good or because he might play.  (We know very little about Aaron Rodgers, but I’m fairly confident he’d beat out Pennington in an open competition.  Of course, I’m fairly sure Andy would beat out Chad Pennington in an open competition and Andy throws like Ty Pennington.  Come to think of it, Ty Pennington might beat out Chad Pennington.)  The reason to sign him is because he’s smart and, apparently, understands the game very well.  It would be useful to have someone like that for Rodgers to talk to when he comes off the sidelines.


10 Responses to “Favre to Jets – the deed is done”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    I know this is an odd thing to think of, but the last time Brett played in a big city (Atlanta) he got a little too involved with the drinking and night life. Granted, the NY Jets actually play in NJ but it really isn’t far from NYC. I know things are different from then since he’s older and his kids are older and would understand what is going on. But it still makes me wonder if this may not be more temptation that he should have.

  2. Mac G Says:

    How old was Brett then? I chugged Tequilla by the bottle at that age and now the thought of a shot makes me vomit.

    Packer Belle, you should be happy that Favre is off the team and the Packers can roll to a 7-9 season with Jay Fiedler.

    I should start a poll to when Packers fans turn on Fiedler this season and rip TT for being an egotistical jackass. (I am waiting for the you are a Favre fan and not a Packers fan line, so I will save the commenters the trouble)

    Pennington is worthless and pass the crack pipe Andy. 🙂

  3. PackerBelle Says:

    Actually Mac, I’m a Packers fan first and a Favre fan second. I’m glad this situation is over but I still am sad at how it unfolded. I am angry and frustrated with Brett Favre, but that can’t erase 16 years of good memories.

    And I also think that the Packers with Aaron Rodgers are going to do better than the Jets with Favre.

  4. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    so. there’s a lot to rant about. i’m going to try to keep my perspective aimed at the jets side of things, since i’ve been held against my will in the nyc area, and will have to deal with favre-jet talk on the radio to and from work every day.

    i think this is great for the packers. i think it sucks for favre. but i don’t care at this point. at least not as much. i think bus cook should be fired and then tarred and feathered.

    here’s why: it’s about nyc sports fans and media — they’re bitches. sorry to be so blunt about it, but it’s true. they whine. a lot. they love scapegoats. they’re either gods or martyrs. no in between. fair-weather isn’t quite accurate — lots of die hard jets fans, but they’re all martyrs. i can’t stand it.

    some of them like to say they ‘have a high standard of excellence.’ those are yankees fans (don’t get me wrong, i actually kind of like the yankees, and don’t blame them for their success — just a league with no salary cap), who think that making the playoffs is excellence for a team with a payroll ten times some teams (and that goes for boston as well — bitches). i don’t care how hard it is to win in today’s sports world. you spend 200mil, and florida spends 20somethingmil, you should be so much better that they just cancel games.


    scapegoats — the mets are a great example. they fired willy randolph earlier this season. it may be his fault for not coming down harder on his team, but the mets are a bunch of clowns. a joke. extremely talented, highly paid, goons. try and remember the richest 14 year old you went to school with. spoiled and undisciplined. but they’re so spoiled and management is so backwards that if they brought lou pinella (for discipline) in here, he’d throw his hands up and quit. like larry brown with the knicks (except he was fired).


    my point (yes, there is one), is that unless brett is perfect, this town and these fans and this media will do nothing but tarnish his legacy and they will certainly not appreciate the kind of football player he is. there was a certain amount of worth to the worship favre got in green bay, because he was the working class, cal ripken of football. we appreciate that, and forgive other sins (rocket to the moon throws into a pile of db’s). they will not forgive here. there are a lot of catholics out here, but apparently none of them are sports fans, because the sports fans out here forgive nothing. they forget for a while, but they don’t forgive. they’ve conveniently forgotten eli manning’s play his ENTIRE CAREER before the playoffs/superbowl last year, and have been goobering on him and the giants non-stop since february. they will remember as soon as the season starts, and bring it up every day he isn’t perfect, because they haven’t forgiven him.


    as frustrated as i am with favre, i will eventually forgive him. i won’t forget, but i will forgive. and if he throws a game-ending interception in the playoffs here, it will echo on and on forever with these fans. and when you compare this to montana or rice or these other greats who went somewhere after retiring from their ‘one and only’ team — they went to oakland, or kansas city. no one remembers what happened there because it was…. well, oakland or kansas city. nothing of note happened. but if ‘nothing’ of note happens here, it will be noted. and cataloged. and complained about on talk radio for years. he will be remembered for what happens in the big city, and it think that’s too bad.

    okay, one more. bitches.

  5. Ron La Canne Says:

    The key word in all of this is future.

    Future with Favre:
    Another year. He’s coming into the season with no preparation. He’s tough enough to push his way through and perform acceptably. The year would have ended with an unkown record. I’d predict this, it would not be 13-3. With Favre, GB would still have been the underdog in most of their games this year. Followed by another off-season of Favre’s manic/depressive babbling.

    Future with Rodgers:
    No one knows. Will the record be 13-3? No! Will it be 7-9? Good possiblity. But, there was a good possibility that Favre would have had the same record. One thing that showed in some games last year that we all tend to forget, The aggressive defensive style of Chicago and NY got into Favre’s head. Can Rodgers be disciplined enough to counter that kind of attacking style? We’ll know soon. It is very possible the team will take a step back.

    The goal I’m setting for myself is to give Rodgers a chance. I don’t expect him to play like Favre. I do expect him to win more than he loses. I do expect him to Improve his performance each week. I do expect him to throw twice as many touchdowns as interceptions. I’ll watch and make my judgement as he actually gets his chance to perform.

    Those of you who are already dumping on Rodgers don’t understand the game of football.

  6. Ron La Canne Says:

    Josh -great synopsis of NY life. Brett’s fragile self image is going to have a real though time if things go bad.

  7. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    Ron — great attitude. it’s exactly the kind of attitude that i don’t feel exists very much with fans out here, but that i hope packer fans can adopt. i think it can happen. if he doesn’t perform quite as well as we hope, but does the things you say, maybe it’s time for packerland tohave a sort of spring-cleaning of its fans. because critical, but patient optimism is what reasonable fans should try to exhibit. name-calling, blamegames, and impatience are for… bitches.

  8. 56Coop Says:

    RLC–Very well put. That’s the exact attitude every packer fan should have now. Favre’s hisory–it’s finally over & the future is here. The one thing that wories me most aobut Aaron is injuries so I’m trusting Mike to throw in a few extra drills for the O Line.

    Let’s go Pack

  9. Kristin Says:

    This is why I love to be a Packer fan. Clinical optimism.

    Fairweather fans suck.

  10. goods215 Says:

    Brett is a legend he should just stayed with the Pack.

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