ESPN: Favre to Jets


ESPN is reporting that Brett Favre is a New York Jet.  NFL Network says these are the details.

According to the NFL Network, if Favre takes 50 percent of total snaps with the Jets in 2008, the fourth-rounder becomes a third-round pick. If he gets 70 percent of the snaps and the Jets make the playoffs, it becomes a second-round pick; and if he gets 80 percent of snaps and the Jets make the Super Bowl, it becomes a first-round pick.

Packers statement:

“Brett has had a long and storied career in Green Bay, and the Packers owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for everything he accomplished on the field and for the impact he made in the state…It is with some sadness that we make this announcement, but also with the desire for certainty that will allow us to move the team and organization forward in the most positive way possible.

The Jets make the Super Bowl?  Hilarious.  I think we won’t be seeing a first-rounder.  This is more in line with what I’d expected.

More to come.


6 Responses to “ESPN: Favre to Jets”

  1. Joe Says:

    WSSP reported that Tampa offered a 3rd and 4th round pick plus Brian Griese. Not sure which deal I would have preferred.

  2. PackerBelle Says:

    I knew this was coming, and frankly the Jets are preferable to the Bucs or the Vikings but this still just makes me want to cry a bit. I can’t believe that this has happened. And I wish that he would have taken some time to sit and think about if he really wants this.

    I also wish I knew what was really going on with him. Because the Brett Favre we’ve been seeing for the past month is the Brett Favre we’ve seen for the past 16 years.

  3. Jim S. Says:

    Winners: Jets

    Losers: Packers, Favre, Packer Fans

  4. goodeggblogger Says:

    The drama queen is going to Broadway.

  5. Mac G Says:

    The Drama Ahole Ted Thompson stays in Green Bay, sitting on his pile of cap money and talking about the year 2012.

  6. RayMidge Says:

    All things considered (this whole situation being a total mess) I think TT did a pretty good job. When the saga began the conventional wisdom was that Favre would get released and/or be able to direct himself to the Vikes. To be able to trade him to the AFC where he will have zero impact on the Pack’s season or playoff chances and to get what is most likely a 3rd or 2nd rounder isn’t any sort of genius deal, but considering all of the speculation, actually a pretty decent return. I don’t think the part about trading him to a non-West coast offense in the other conference can be discounted. Favre had much more value to a team that could’ve plugged him right in to a system he was familiar with. The much maligned management stuck to their guns and actually did about as well as could have been expected.

    All of that said, it’s a bizarre and sad day . . . even though the transaction was about as favorable as the Pack was going to get under the circumstances, it’s a shame #4 couldn’t find it in him to return to the Pack.

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