A PackerGeeks Swear Jar


We’ve all probably been dropping s-bombs, f-bombs and other bombs a little bit more than usual. So we’re thinking about starting a PackerGeeks “Swear Jar,” like the one discussed below. Of course, ours would buy Pabst, not Bud Light, even though Pabst has thus far neglected to sponsor PackerGeeks.

So let me make the first contribution: I think I can say, on behalf of Packer fans everywhere, although it’s been a s****y month at least we’re not like the a******s that support the Vikings. Pabst on me at the first PackerGeeks tailgate party — details to come.


11 Responses to “A PackerGeeks Swear Jar”

  1. patrick Says:

    I would have run out of money already I think.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    We need a big jar, a very big jar. Paraphrase of Chief Brody’s line in Jaws.

  3. Cate Says:

    I’ll throw in a few quarters, though my swearing has been more internal than verbal given that I do have three small children running around.

    That Favre/Jets press conference w/Brett holding up his new jersey w/a weird smile on his face almost put me over the edge, especially when my eight-year-old said Favre looked good in white. I wanted to respond, “No, he f***ing doesn’t!!!!”

    But, really, can a mother say that to her eight-year-old, starry-eyed Brett Favre fan?

  4. lostinutah Says:

    Oh, that’s a press conference that would make me say f***.

    There, I’m in.

  5. Pmenadue Says:

    I wanted to puke when he held that jersey up. It’s just not right!

  6. Kristin Says:

    F*** the Vikings.
    That felt good. Therapeutic.
    Always willing to contribute.

    Favre looked like a deer in headlights while holding up that jersey.

  7. PackerBelle Says:

    F*** the Vikings, F*** Bus Cook, F*** Roger Goodell.

    And boy Favre was not looking happy in that press conference.

  8. sfhayes Says:

    “Puke” doesn’t count, A**face…

  9. lostinutah Says:

    Oh, sh**, this is the best post in a long time. Finally some fun! Thanks guys!

    Oops, I’m in for more. Where’s the fridge, gotta get me some PBR.

  10. FrenchCowboysFan Says:

    S-bombs? You told a Packers back-office type that his behavior was “Shameful”?

    Also, yes, I’m like your perfect storm, Steve: French, and a Cowboys fan. Explanation available upon request.

  11. sfhayes Says:

    Next thing you know, heat-seeking Mitchell is going to be posting at PackerGeeks….

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