Tampa Trib: Favre “On the Verge” of Joining Bucs


Ira Kaufman reports that Brett Favre is almost certain to become a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

The Brett Favre saga is about to end with the NFL icon in pewter.

The Tribune has learned Favre will not stand in the way of a trade from Green Bay to Tampa Bay and the deal is likely to be finalized within 24 hours.

The chances of the trade unraveling are remote and Favre has indicated to the Bucs directly that he is willing to change teams after 16 years of growing his legend in Green Bay.

Earlier in the day, the paper’s other Buccaneeers beat writer, Roy Cummings, wrote that the Bucs would not be a player in the Favre talks unless Jeff Garcia was seriously hurt.

The truth, though, is that the Bucs won’t involve themselves in serious trade talks for Favre until they have a real good reason to. In other words, the Bucs currently see Favre as a luxury, not a necessity. Until he becomes a necessity the Bucs will stay on the sidelines in this saga.

What would make Favre a necessity? Well, Jeff Garcia suffering a long-term injury would constitute a necessity. But then you have the issue of Favre’s $12 million contract. Quite simply, the Bucs don’t want to pay it. That’s why little has changed from the Bucs perspective on this.

So, they’ll continue to field calls from the Packers and they’ll continue to discuss a trade for Favre internally. But they won’t make a move on this front until they absolutely have to. And even then they will probably seek other alternatives to the problem before striking a deal for Favre.

Well, someone’s going to be right…


4 Responses to “Tampa Trib: Favre “On the Verge” of Joining Bucs”

  1. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Like I said yesterday: this is good news that good have happened about a month ago. Favre stirred up all this drama for nothing.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Let’s hope this happens. It would be best for all. However. Bill Scot from WTMJ Milwaukee reports: ” His contact in the Favre camp has told him Favre is going home and likely will re-re-re-re-retire.” Also, his contact said, “The Packers didn’t hire Ari Fliecher for what’s happening now, it will be what is going to be disclosed by Favre in the very near future.” Sounds like Favre is a very, very bitter man.

    Chris Carter; “With all his indecision Favre relinquiched his right to claim a spot on the team.” Mc Carthy and Thompson are right.

  3. Dave Says:

    Jay Glazer said on Mike & Mike this morning that the Jets are still in the running and actually have a much better offer on the table, but they don’t have as much cap space and would have to cut someone (like Chad Pennington). It sounds like Favre is much more into the Bucs though. At this point nothing would surprise me. Whatever happens, I hope it happens soon.

    Also, good point about Fliesher and the upcoming venom that Favre will spew when he’s no longer with the team. And I thought he wasn’t pulling any punches now!

  4. 56Coop Says:

    I just hope that the time factor would prevent some “backdoor” dealng–like a trade to the Jets or Bucs who would then trade him to the Vike’s. I think Favre is in a mindset where he would just love that to happen.

    There is going to be some venom spewed. I’m not very happy with Favre right now but I certainly hope that it does not turn out that the Packer’s (interpret as TT) turnrd there back on hte guy who brought them from the middle of the pack to the top of the heap and gave us 16 years of some pretty good football. Wonder if Favre has started working on his bookl deal yet?

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