King: Jets Conditional Pick Could Rise to First-Rounder


Here is’s Peter King, who has very good sources with Team Favre (i.e. Favre himself) and very good sources around the league.  I trust him.

Here’s what I’m hearing about the potential Favre deal tonight:

• I want to stress that I wouldn’t bet my mortgage on this but it is what I’ve heard reliably. I hear the Jets are offering a solid third-round draft choice that could rise to a first-round draft choice depending on the team’s performance and how well Favre plays.

• I’m told the Bucs positively would not make an offer that lofty. The Packers have suggested a couple of different scenarios involving draft choices with Tampa Bay but I hear that the Packers are not close to doing anything tonight.

• My gut feeling? Brett Favre Held Hostage will reach Thursday or perhaps longer. Tampa Bay general manager Bruce Allen drives a very hard bargain, and I wouldn’t expect the Packers to be able to do business easily with him. I don’t know if Favre or agent Bus Cook has told Green Bay where he prefers to play, but if his choice is Tampa Bay, this could take a while, especially if the Packers are willing to send him to a team they play in Week 4.

I’m not sure what the difference is between a “solid third-round” pick and a regular third round pick, but there are a lot of details to be worked out.  I don’t expect the Jets to be a playoff team this year, although there have been bigger surprises.  The Jets do have four first-round draft picks on their offensive line and picked up perennial Pro-bowler Alan Faneca from Pittsburgh this off-season.  Their defense?  Not great.  I do think Mangini is a pretty smart coach, however, and their schedule is not tough.  (I’ve seen one ranking that puts it as the 7th easiest schedule in the league this year.)

One Response to “King: Jets Conditional Pick Could Rise to First-Rounder”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I thought you guys would find this interesting, since one of you (I forget which brother) thinks acquiring Pennington from the Jets would be a good idea.

    “According to a person close to the situation in New York, the Jets have offered quarterback Chad Pennington as part of a package for Brett Favre. The Packers are expected to trade Favre to either the Jets or Tampa Bay within the next 24 to 48 hours. Pennington, 32, would provide Green Bay with the experienced quarterback it’s been looking for since April. As we’ve been reporting for months, General Manager Ted Thompson has no intention of entering the regular season with rookie Brian Brohm as the backup to Aaron Rodgers.”

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