Favre’s Coming Critique


Very interesting post by Andy below. I’ll have more to say about this, but Favre will face some challenges in convincing people that his side of the story is true. Two reasons: 1) So much of what Favre has said throughout this process simply hasn’t checked out. And, 2) He hasn’t shown any restraint in saying what’s on his mind — or having his family leak it — over the past month. If the Packers have been as dishonest as Favre implied yesterday, why would anyone believe that he simply sat idle and let them get away with it. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

All that said, Thompson has handled this very poorly, as we’ve written on numerous occasions. And despite his own credibility issues, Favre’s claims might seem more believable because of what we know about Thompson’s behavior — sending Favre the “I’m on vacation” text being the most egregious example. (Of course, that report was almost certainly leaked by Favre’s camp…)

UPDATE: Actually, the “I’m on vacation” text is something the team verified in their own chronology of events here.


12 Responses to “Favre’s Coming Critique”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Well, he was on vacation wasn’t he? Would you drop everything on YOUR vacation because some ex-employee wanted to talk to you about getting his job back? (Big ol’ 😉 )

  2. packerinFL Says:

    It seems to me Favre did keep pretty silent until a certain point in the past month or so – then he let it all pour out…real-time even. I love both sides, but there has been issues with how this has been handled on both sides. I just wish everyone could get along. However, it has been painfully apparent that all parties are best served separated at this point. Unfortunately, faults are almost always found on both sides in an issue this big. I hate to see Favre go to Tampa, but at least he can continue to compete and the Packers will not have to deal with a media circus until they meet.

  3. PackerBelle Says:

    I can understand that. If he was traveling he might not have been in a position to have a lengthy, private conversation. And he did ask if they could talk later.

  4. Bill Walsh Says:

    Clearly there’s SOMETHING here that we don’t know—possibly back in March, maybe stretching back to the end of the season or before. I don’t know if the “Ted wouldn’t re-sign or trade for guys I wanted” theory really accounts for the extent of this dislike unless Favre is really nuts (which I’m not ruling out).

    When Favre dumps his story, I hope sportswriters are more aggressive and informed than Greta Van Susteren was. “Why would I lie?” Well, why HAVE you lied repeatedly? I think Favre can still get a lot of mileage, and possibly the PR upper hand, out of his aw-shucks manner—which doesn’t seem to be a put on—but if any reporter’s serious about his job, they’ve got to go after his story hammer and tongs until they pound it down to something approximating the truth.

    The same is true, incidentally, with Thompson. He hasn’t been caught out lying egregiously like Favre, but under the cover of professionalism, he’s clearly been omitting and eliding facts. Up against Li’l Abner, I think he’s inherently at a PR disadvantage (especially outside Wisconsin where a 1235 Lombardi business card doesn’t give you an aura of Truth, Justice & the Cheesehead Way). That said, I’d hope the media don’t choose up sides absent some compelling evidence and go after both these guys to see how such an apparently avoidable problem that seems to boil down to personal antipathy became the professional and franchise-wide mess that is Packerpocalypse 2008.

  5. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I think Ted is far more concerned about the team as a whole vs. one player’s wishes. Doesn’t matter who the player is, I would bet he treats them all equally and maintains a safe distance so he can keep his objectivity. Maybe Sherman listened to Brett too often and that’s why the team struggled those years….

    One interesting angle that NOBODY is talking about in this whole mess is this: what did Rogers and his agent say during the past 5 months? Maybe Rogers threatened to leave in 09 if Favre got the job. Favre does not have a lock on the shruggin’ humble good ol’ boy game.

  6. 56Coop Says:

    Well this is interesting-Thompson was supposed to give a pres conference at 11:30 CST. At Packers.com they had the streaming video up of the conference room. It has been taken down abd the conference time is now shown as TBA.

    It never stops

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    I heard sometime mid-afternoon. Could it be to announce a trade? Don’t get too excited if Favre doesn’t showup, he goes back on the Packer rooster. Don’t forget Cook’s quote: “No, Minnesota is not out of conmtention.”

  8. PackerBelle Says:

    Bus Cook needs to shut up.

  9. Ron La Canne Says:

    That would be nice. The Favre/Cook game goes on and on and on.

  10. Ron La Canne Says:

    Cook Again: “Favre would be ok playing for the Buc’s or Jet’s. I expect something to happen within 48 hours.”

    Apparently Minnesota’s $6 million under the cap isn’t sufficient to provide Cook with style of living to which he has become accustomed. Let’s just hope beyond hope that this is true. I’m pulling for the Jets of couse.

  11. thhalejr Says:

    Not a Packers fan but have been curious as to what Packers fans were feeling about this situation. Though I’m not surprised that most of the fans are still infatuated with Favre, it should be a no brainer to reject this man with no questions asked.

    He has ruined the season for the Packers. After his tear-filled retirement speech, he should’ve gone back to MS and enjoyed the memory of a fantastic career. This was his choice and his choice alone. What has happened since then is in no way any fault of management. They have an obligation to run the team and not a three ring circus, surrounded around Brett the egomaniac and his troupe of clowns.

    Packers fans need to stand 100% behind management and reject this ignorant move on Favre’s part. All of this is happening right at the beginning of training camp and has spilled over during camp; he would’ve had only bought chaos and confusion to the team. Oh sorry, he already has done that.

    Brett Favre has taken a decent, probable Hall of Fame career and turned it into a farce. The reason I say decent and probable is because his stats are suspect, especially interceptions, but he’ll make the Hall because the voters like the brash, arrogant player, as long as he comes from the right side of the tracks.

  12. Scott W Says:

    My feeling is no one has had the stones to say no to Favre since Holmgren. Along comes T.T. Talk about a culture change…going from Mike Sherman to Ted. From the lovable Sponge Mike Square Ass to the Ice King.

    We have been witness to a 38 year old’s version of a hissy fit. I’m sure Favre’s just warming up.

    Me thinks the Packers have long suffered OFF–Organizational Favre Fatigue. #4’s annual retirement mulling and recent retirement announcement (and late March reversal) was enough for Ted. I get that. How long does TT wait to make sure Favre really, really means to retire?

    I like what McCarthy said yesterday:”The train has left the station.”

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