Conflicting Reports on Trade Talks; More Media Mistakes


On the NFL Network tonight, Adam Schefter reported that there was very little activity in the trade talks regarding Brett Favre and, contrary to the report in the Green Bay Press Gazette, there is no “bidding war” for his services.  Schefter says that the Packers are waiting to hear from Tampa and New York about what they will give up for Favre and says that members of Favre’s family are trying to convince him to consider the offer from New York seriously.  Favre is now reportedly leaning towards Tampa Bay, but the Jets remain in the picture.

Interestingly, though, Schefter made the same mistake’s Kevin Seifert made this morning when he claimed that the Packers never backed off of their refusal to allow Favre to compete for his job back.  It’s a pretty basic error and one I’m surprised these guys continue to make considering we now have Favre (twice) and Mike McCarthy (once) saying that the Packers backed off of that hard line position.  Favre told Chris Mortensen yesterday that the Packers suggested he could compete for the job and McCarthy said that he was open to that discussion but his talks with Favre never reached that point.  Then today, after landing in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Favre reiterated the point.

“They obviously had taken the stance that at some point in the offseason that they were going to move on, and that’s OK,” Favre said. “But they sort of changed that stance a little bit when I got back up there.  We sort of figured that would happen.”

This isn’t a minor point.  For as much as we can fault Ted Thompson for his arrogance and his intransigence, and as much as we can wring our hands about the way the Packers handled the public relations aspect of this entire issue, it is simply not the case that the Packers ended the discussions by forcing Favre out of Green Bay.  He had an opportunity to compete for the job and he passed on it.

Some of us suspect he did so because his real desire, perhaps after some unknown slight (or perceived slight) from the Packers, was to play for the Vikings this year.  Favre contends that this process soured him on the team and that he didn’t want to play where he obviously wasn’t wanted.  Perhaps there is some truth to both of those claims.  But it seems clear that if Favre had told Mike McCarthy that he wanted to be in Green Bay, that he was committed to the team this year and that he was interested in earning back his starting job — he could be a Packer right now.

11 Responses to “Conflicting Reports on Trade Talks; More Media Mistakes”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    “But it seems clear that if Favre had told Mike McCarthy that he wanted to be in Green Bay, that he was committed to the team this year and that he was interested in earning back his starting job — he could be a Packer right now.”

    Part of me wishes that he had done that. As angry and frustrated as I am with him right now I still loved seeing him play. And it would have made me not quite so angry because he would have been (finally) showing some humility and a willingness to actually play rather than just stick it to the Packers.

  2. gosling15 Says:

    I really don’t understand why Favre had to sign the equivalent of a loyalty oath in order to step on the practice field. No other player has to pledge allegiance before he gets to practice. How many employees at times resent their employer and their boss. So what? If he produces on the field, that is all that matters. There was no need for the Monday night inquisition.

  3. VaCheezHead Says:

    Also in his interview with the Hattiesburg press on NFL Network he stated that before he went up to GB “he knew it would be a short trip but that it was something he needed to do.” So basically he went up there knowing that the Pack would cave and he would then reject their offer to come back. I’ll be very happy when this saga is finally over. As much as I appreciate everything he’s done the last 16 years this is bordering on insane.

  4. PackerBelle Says:

    I do wonder if there is something going on in Brett’s life that we don’t know about. This just seems so out of character for him. He should at least be able to handle the PR better than he has been.

  5. awhayes Says:

    Belle – I wonder the same. That’s why I’m holding out here a bit longer to see if something else is going on. This all just seems to run so counter to the person we’ve come to respect so much. I didn’t think he had this kind of anger in him really.

  6. lostinutah Says:

    I agree with Belle and Andy. There’s SOMETHING else there, and no it’s not that Deanna has some evil hold over him or some such. This is just so uncharacteristic of this man, even though you always knew he had a temper.

    Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis, nothing more, but I sure feel bad for him…and us.

  7. Trav Says:

    From people in GB and the Fox Valley, there are many, many rumors floating around out there. What’s hard to weed through right now is if all the same people are talking to each other and simply regurgitating the same story or if they have heard it from other, unrelated sources.

    One story that seems to be gaining steam is that the demons returned and for at least the past year, he has been off the wagon and hitting it pretty hard. It has been said that the organization was worried about its escalation over that time. and has played into some of their decision making. All unconfirmed and sketchy, but as I said, it seems to be gaining a bit of momentum on the street.

  8. PackerBelle Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he started drinking/taking painkillers again. It would explain a lot. If football was something that gave him an incentive to stop doing it or at least do it less then it makes sense why the Favre clan is so upset with feeling like the Packers didn’t do enough to make him stay, and why Deanna isn’t telling him he’s being a jerk. It may be their way of trying to get him to stop whatever he’s doing.

  9. BringBackDilweg Says:

    THANK YOU for being willing to say what no one at ESPN or NFLN is willing to do. He said all along that he just wanted a fair chance to compete for the starting job and as soon as it was offered, he then said it was too late. “They tried to buy me off…” If the $20m deal was so offensive, why did he mull it over for DAYS and then turn around and tell the Packers he’d do it but only for even more money (see Peter King report on Monday). Why was his text message to Peter King instructing him to tell TT to release him? Why not “let me come back?” He hasn’t wanted to be a Packer for at least a month. Bevell would never have made him work as hard as McCarthy, or kept him on as short of a leash. Last year was hard for Brett, and great for his statistics at the same time. You all saw that retirement speech. It’s all the work Monday-Saturday that he doesn’t have the heart for.

  10. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    There are the things that both sides are saying, and then there is reality. The reality is that it was a foregone conclusion that Favre what not going to be a Packer.

    Also, when did McCarthy say that there was going to be an “open competition”? I don’t remember that. I remember McCarthy dodging the issue by saying that the two sides “never got that far” because of “Favre’s mindset.”

    There was never going to be an “open competition.” Occam’s Razor is useful. What is more likely: (1) after a month of steadfastly rebuffing Favre the Packers did a complete 180 for a mere 24-hours before doing another complete 180; or (2) the Packers were trying to pay lip service to Favre’s role on the team for the benefit of the Commissioner that was breathing down their necks?

    (In fact, there have already been reports that Goodell encouraged the phrase “open competition.”)

  11. lostinutah Says:

    I had that thought before I came back here. I pray Brett’s not drinking, or abusing anything and hopefully/probably he’s not. I’ll just hope for a man in his late 30’s realizing he isn’t a kid anymore. It does happen.

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