‘Bidding war’ for Favre?


Green Bay Press Gazette is reporting that part of the reason for the delay in TT’s press conference today is that there is apparently a bidding war going on between the Jets and the Bucs for Favre. The fact that 2 teams want him and are apparently bidding against one another does score some points for the Packers management here. While I’m still waiting to see what really happened with all this, I must say there is slight comfort at the thought that we may end up getting something in return for Favre leaving…that is of course, if Favre actually ends up playing and reporting to that team’s camp.

Steve will immediately rip this apart – but I hope Favre goes to the Jets and we somehow get both a draft pick or two AND Chad Pennington out of it. Despite being a popular guy to rip on lately, I’m telling you, he’s still got something left. He doesn’t have the greatest arm and is injury prone, but there is something about him mentally that could make him a valuable player to acquire. And, as much faith as I still have in Mike McCarthy to develop QBs, I would feel way more comfortable going into the season with at least one QB who has NFL experience.

STEVE ADDS: No, I like the Pennington part of a deal. He’s a veteran, and he’d be a backup. (Plus, the fact that he throws noodles isn’t as big a liability in our offense.) Could mentor Rodgers. My only concern is that the Jets would see it as giving up their likely starter and I think (and the Packers would think) that he’s an add-on, with the draft being far more important.

ANDY ADDS: What? are you warming to the Pennington in Green and Gold idea? You used to Washington DC me (cut me off immediately) every time I would mention his name! It’s interesting PFT has a story up here, claiming Mangini doesn’t know yet who the starter is – my guess is there may be a reason for this. I sure hope we don’t get Clemens somehow (which I would highly doubt)…that guy rots.

17 Responses to “‘Bidding war’ for Favre?”

  1. ebongreen Says:

    There’s no way TT will trade for Pennington. He’s 32 and Thompson’s known for building through youth and the draft. Plus, imagine him trying to throw into a cold November or December wind at Lambeau or Soldier Field. It’s not a matter of brains, it’s durability and a minimum of throwing power: Chad’s had neither of those lately.

    Thompson’s more likely to swap for another QB prospect (Ainge, Clemens, Ratliff) or somewhere he’s now concerned he needs depth, like DT.

  2. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i actually agree on pennington — although if it were a 3rd and a 4th or a 4th and pennington … give us the 3rd. or pennington and a gross of hgh.

    and my overall feeling of anticipatory regret one year from today — i’d actually rather be 9-7 and just miss the playoffs or something similar with rodgers than 13-3 and lose in the playoffs again with brett. anything short of winning a superbowl with brett would not be worth it at this point.

    i heard a good point about (i think from jay glazer on m&m) the shape brett’s been in the last few years being directly tied to how well he’s played. his numbers were much better last year than the two previous, when he worked his ASS OFF. playing with the local high school team until early august doesn’t count. he said a number of times in the last few months — he doesn’t have what it takes to put in the work day in, day out, to be prepared on sundays. i guess the jets/bucs get to see if that trend holds up.

  3. JLS Says:

    Who cares if Rodgers never starts for the Packers? Who cares if he leaves via free agency? He’s not the next Steve Young. He’s not the next Brett Favre. Why are they building for 5 years in the future when they can win now? 5 years? You build for 5 years in the future if you are the Raiders, not if you have a good team now.

  4. PackerBelle Says:

    There is no guarantee that we would win right now. Favre can be really great (2007) or really horrid (2005). The fact that he hasn’t been training during the off-season, still can’t seem to commit to playing and hasn’t been in training camp suggests that we wouldn’t be looking at another 2007.

    As for Rodgers, we’ve spent three years grooming him and we should at least see what he can do. Because otherwise we have Brian Brohm as our starting QB.

  5. Mac G Says:

    Am I the only Packers’ fan that still hates Tampa from the Sapp days? I agree on the future point JLS. Rodgers looks more like Jay Fielder than Steve Young.

  6. Ron La Canne Says:


    After our disagreements on T.T.’s handling of the Favre Saga, I’m 100% with you thhis one.

    JLS obviously isn’t old enough or chooses not to remember the commentary on Ron Wolf’s trade for a bench warming, fat (252 lbs.), boozing, party time QB. What the hell is wrong with Wolf? A first round pick for this guy? Wolf, what’s wrong with you? Oh, by the way JLS, that QB was Brett Favre. Your statement on the future of Aaron Rodgers is boardering on stupid. No one knows what Rodgers will do. The professionals are making evaluations based on their experience, which is much more extensive than yours (just guessing). If I was making a bet, I’d take their guess before yours.

    The difficulty of schedule is going to be the big change this year. Even if Favre was there, he would have some real problems with the hard charging defenses the Packers face this year. Minnesota, Bears in the Division. Their opponents out of division are, Dallas, Bucs, Seatle, Indy, Titans, Saints, Jags, Bills, Panthers, and Atlanta. Only Atlanta would be a clear GB favorite. The NY Giants showed the rest of the league a serious Favre weakness. He still got rattled with defenses that could apply extreme presuure. The controlled blitz defense of the Giants also screwed up the running game at the same time. I’ll bet this is what McCarthy is working on as much as he can in Camp.

    Brett Favre is not the team. He was one member of the team. Last year he came in early and did all the work required. This year he has done nothing. Rodgers will never be given a break by one demensional thinkers like you, JLS. Football is a TEAM sport. Baltimore winning with no QB is just one example.

  7. Mac G Says:

    Why the hell would the Packers want Pennington? His arm is toast, he cant move in the pocket, he is injury prone, and he has looked like crap the past few years.

    Oh, that is right, Rodgers will probably get hurt and Brohm/Flynn would be the backup. It would be good to have a veteran on the roster. Oh wait. hmmmm

  8. Mac G Says:

    RLC, to your point about only “experts” can evaluate NLF QBS, and not fans that watch the games, then why do most of them suck big time at it? eg. the NFL draft.

    I agree with most of your points but I am concerned about the apologist tone you are creating for Rodgers potentially struggling.

  9. Ron La Canne Says:

    Mac, Rodgers has not been on the field for any significant period. Those two rare instances where he actually played, if I remember right, he played pretty good. Of course, he got injured surrounding those two games. If that’s your worry, I’m with you. But if it is a performance issue, I certainly have never seen anything negative outside a fooling around scrimage.

    We will all know soon. In the meantime, I’m going with T.T and M.M. on this. Actually, QB is the most difficult position to predict success or failure.
    Lienhart (maybe too early), Grossman, Pennington, Griese, are just a few of the no miss QB’s. There are many more. Bart Starr was a 17th round pick.

  10. PackerBelle Says:

    We don’t know how Rodgers will be. Luckily we have a talented WR corp, a potentially great running back, and hopefully an improved defense. He’s going to take time because no matter how much talent you may or may not have, you need actual experience in a game situation. He may suck but he may also be great. But after 3 years learning behind Favre and 2 years with Mike McCarthy as a coach says that he has the tools to be pretty good.

  11. Ron La Canne Says:

    Oh, and no apologies intended. It’s just a fact. The schedule is brutal. But, I’m affraid you’re right Rodgers will take all the blame for anything less than 13-3. He can’t win and for that I still blame T.T.’s handling of the issue.

  12. Aaron Says:

    JLS – How do you know Rodgers is not the next Steve Young? Obviously your vast knowledge of the quarterback position is far superior to Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, Joe Philbin and Tom Clements. Please, enlighten us…

  13. patrick Says:

    Unless Rodgers throws the ball directly to the opposition, like Neil O’Donnel, I really don’t think we can blame Rodgers for the upcoming brutal season. The blame SHOULD fall on the q-tipped, self absorbant TT and his ego. Unfortunately when they fail to make the playoffs this year he’ll pass the blame onto McCarthy and probably fire him. What a frickin joke.

  14. PackerBelle Says:

    Patrick, if TT is self-absorbed and has a large ego then what would you say about Favre?

    And let’s wait and see how the season turns out before assigning labels to it.

  15. 56Coop Says:

    Adam Schefler on NFL.com reports that there is no bidding war for Favre. He says basically the Jets & Bucs have both made conditonal pic offers and are just waiting for the Packers to make up their mind–no other players have been offered. He did say of course this is all subject to change with one phone call.

  16. Ron La Canne Says:

    Leroy Butler: “Brett belongs in GB. If he trows 20 interceptions in NY or Tampa he is toast. If he throws 20 interceptions in GB, they day oh that’s just Brett. The first interception in Tampa, Gruden will be in his face mask screaming his head off.”

    Interesting comment.

  17. PackerBelle Says:

    Gruden does seem to have a habit of screaming at his QBs and I don’t think Favre would handle that well.

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