A Thought


If the Packers send Brett Favre to Tampa Bay, would the Bucs send Jeff Garcia to Minnesota?  I heard a caller on Sirius this morning who noted that Garcia and Brad Childress worked together in Philadelphia.  And if the Vikings think they are a quarterback away from being a serious contender — and no one other than Dr. Z and Andy would disagree — why not consider Garcia, who would whine incessantly if he were benched in favor of Favre.

8 Responses to “A Thought”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Pretty sure Minnesota would just wait for the Bucs to cut him.

  2. sfhayes Says:

    they won’t cut him. they’d cut simms first, then griese. garcias wld be last — has some trade value.

  3. patrick Says:

    good point about Garcia becoming available. Garcia will flip out and be on a train out of town so he may be available. I definately think they’ll need a veteran backup in case a bus falls on Rodgers. Who else is available?

  4. scott in wisconsin Says:

    I am pretty sure the contract langauge in the Packer’s deal would stictly prohibit any trade to an central division team. Um, duh.

  5. Ron La Canne Says:

    Scott – The way I understand third party deals is that there is usually agreement between all partys prior to the deal. However, once a one on one trade is made the receiving team has all rights associated with the new players contract. Certainly sounds open to interpretation.

    Also, Cook says: Jets ok too. Deal in 48 hours predicted.

  6. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Hm, interesting take on the contract issue Ron. Thanks for the input.

    I think no matter what team Brett lands on, he’ll find that the offensive line won’t be quite as adept as Green Bay’s at protecting the quarterback. Garcia took some nasty hits last year.

  7. Aaron Says:

    You really think Garcia shows up for practice the day after they trade for Favre?

  8. 56Coop Says:

    Seems kind of strange to me that all of a suden the Bucs & Jets have become acceptable to Favre.. Makes one kind of wonder if maybe there is not a “backroom” deal to trade him to the Vikes. I would hope that there would be verbage disallowing that but as RLC says, it’s all subject to interpretation.

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