The Verdict: delayed


Another night of restlessness, folks. McCarthy has postponed the new conference set for Monday night. My guess is his meeting turned bitter and personal. The COACH must be steaming at the self indulgence of football’s biggest flipflopper. It his job to rip into Favre and ask him “what in the hell were you thinking? This is a team sport and you PUBLICLY flirted with our enemy. You humilated our GM. You humiliated yourself and scuffed your legacy. You disrespected your friends and teammates.”

McCarthy looks weak. He knows it. Somehow, he must project strength at this press conference in the days ahead. Lets face it: he was bullied. Now he must convince the team he controls the bully. Aint gonna happen. If I were him – or ARI – I would leak to the press the details of how he ripped into Brett, threatened to bench him for the season and only relented when Favre expressed remorse and vowed to repair the damage. (hopefully, this is what is transpiring as I write). Even then, we all know Favre is bigger than McCarthy, bigger than the team. I can live with that.

We need this Days of Our Lives sage to end. I still maintain the end will begin with Favre named starter – my guess by week two of pre-season. Then its all about the game. We can return to debating the Williams trade and our aged secondary. We can lament the lack of offseason additions and wonder if Thompson is a genius with an eye for your talent or a moron who can’t land the big fish. I long for those days.


2 Responses to “The Verdict: delayed”

  1. Welcome! Oh, and You’re Wrong… | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] Packergeek Jim Vandehei writes the following: McCarthy looks weak. He knows it. Somehow, he must project strength at this press conference in […]

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Actually Aaron I think I’m with you on the Mc Carthy appearance of weakness. That is not the coaches job. He has enough issues on his aggenda getiing ready for a difficult first seven games. If, the discussion was about trade, team morale, or releasing him. That appropriately belongs to T.T. and Murphy. If by some circumstance Favre stays with the Packers McCarthy has to work with him everyday. You don’t want that tenuous relationship to carry on to the field.

    Once again, I question T.T.’s ability as a manager. Murphy is obviously nothing but background noise. McCarthy’s meeting with Favre should have only been about what was happening on the field.

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