Initial reactions to McCarthy’s press conference


I caught most of the press conference just now and to me, the main theme was that Favre was unwilling to commit 100% to playing for the Packers. McCarthy wouldn’t touch questions re whether Favre talked with the Vikings. I got the strong sense that McCarthy felt Favre was unable to get over something that happened in the past – something the team did to him around retirement time that Favre finds unforgivable. McCarthy did give some odd answers though that may be somewhat revealing, but I’ll need to wait for the transcript before I can know for sure what he said.

The press conference, as I mentioned above, did confirm my suspicion that Favre feels incredibly wronged by the team somehow. I still think that perhaps the biggest question here is what really happened a few months ago to make Favre and the Packers both so mad. The more we find out the more I think we’re missing a critical piece of info. This press conference also made me even more suspicious that Favre has been trying to land himself on the Vikings and I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the mystery of the stubborn/mad behavior may indeed have something to do with the contact with the Vikings.

One curious question my colleague just asked: what if Favre is traded to Tampa and then the Vikings just trade with Tampa for Favre? Is that possible?


17 Responses to “Initial reactions to McCarthy’s press conference”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    T.T. — Keep McCarthy out of these freak shows. The Favre issue is your problem, you answer these soap operaesque questions. McCarthy should run the team and answer questions on the teams’ progress. PERIOD.

  2. cuqui Says:

    Hey — tell Vandehei that MM sure isn’t looking weak!

    “Why would I let someone with that negative attitude into my locker room.”

  3. dan hayes Says:

    i’ve heard the theory that something went really wrong during the whole deliberative period as well. not sure who to blame, but i buy it. they keep referring to the ‘path that took us to this point’ etc.

    my theory about the future for favre is this. if favre goes somewhere else, he doesn’t do well. his career slowly fades out a la jordan on the wizards and emmitt smith on the cardinals (though he pads all the records he already has.) if he stays on the pack somehow, he beats out rodgers and has a pretty good year. toward the end of the season favre gets an injury that’s serious enough to prevent him from coming back. rodgers takes over for the last couple games and does well. favre retires happy and a new era begins with rodgers.

  4. PackerBelle Says:

    Ron, when an active player wants to participate in practices the coach needs to get involved. And once the coach is involved if you try to keep him away from the media it looks like you are hiding something. And allows the Favre camp to twist whatever was said to fit the perception they want out there. McCarthy needs to address the situation. Had Favre not pushed the situation McCarthy wouldn’t need to deal with this, but I don’t really see Ted Thompson as being to blame here.

  5. Trav Says:

    I have been passed on some stories today from college friends who still live in the greater Green Bay area. The word on the street is that there is more to the Campen story, when he went to MS to visit Favre. I am not sure, since this was so long ago, if it has anything to do with where they are now in the negotiations, but thought it was of interest. Word is that Campen went down there, spoke with Favre, things did not go well and Favre spit in his face, and threw him off the property. Not sure what the message was that he carried, but obviously it was not well received.

    All unconfirmed and speculative (at best), but these two people have been right on stories like these in the past, given their close friendships with support and office staff at Lambeau. (friendships established in the early 90’s for the purpose of getting jobs there after college…to no avail). Again, could be nothing or could be one more factor to the whole overall saga.

    (By the way. when does something change from being a “story”, to a “saga”, to an “epic saga?).

  6. BratsNBeerGuy Says:

    We’re all wondering about the change of heart in late March. That’s probably where the discord began. (I’ll still blame the Vikes, no matter what the commish says.)

    Just to answer the GB to Tampa to Vikings question: It’s possible but not likely. They would surely build conditions into the trade that the third round pick (or whatever) would turn into a first round pick (or five) if Favre was traded to Minnesota in the next year.

  7. Jodi Kinney Says:

    Please keep Brett and your entire family in Green Bay, We need you all.
    Brett belongs at practice tune everything else out and play ball!
    Please stay in Green Bay!!!

  8. Kristin Says:

    Re: the scenario of Favre to Tampa then Tampa trades to Minnesota…

    I don’t know about the legalities of it, but I think it would be such a deceitful maneuver by the Bucs that they would be damaging their trade abilities around the league for years to come. Existing as a professional sports team requires being a good trading partner. Teams have a duty to work deals to their advantage, but outright deception by one team against another would be violating a cardinal rule of behavior. Even as we sit here and watch rules of behavior snapping all over the place, I don’t believe team-to-team dealings would crack.

  9. Jake M. Says:

    I think McCarthy told Brett that they just couldn’t put up with all the confusion, contradictions and drama anymore, and Brett understandably didn’t want to hear it. That picture of him hugging Parins made a nice pit in my stomach today. It’s over for Brett, not that I didn’t think this was already the case, but it still is sad.

    I don’t think there’s anything stopping Tampa from shipping Brett onto Minnesota, but I can’t see them doing it, because the Bucs think they’re close enough to get over the top in a weak NFC. It’s getting to the point that Favre will probably struggle with any new team and system in the first month of the regular season, because this is all happening so late, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for the Pack to play him early on.

    I just wonder how much of Brett’s desire to come back at this point is sincere desire to play the game, vs. sincere desire to stick it up Ted Thompson’s backside, and letting Deanna call the shots. You’ll notice the Pack met with her too today, and I think she’s got a lot to do with this whole situation. I’m not calling her Yoko, but let’s just say I think she knows she’s got a stake in Brett’s return that’s well past being the supportive wife.

  10. Packerbacker Says:

    I think the Packers had the gall to ask Favre what he was thinking throwing that last pass in the Giants game and ruined the teams chance to be in the Super Bowl. He still has not explained that horrible, underthrown pass. He never would account for his boneheaded mistakes. When he has a bad game, he goes into hiding.

    I’ve heard that Favre is a selfish player and only concerned for his own stats and legacy and now it really shows to be true.

    Let this interception throwing dumb hillbilly go. No one is bigger than the TEAM!!!

  11. lostinutah Says:


    I can think of lots of others who might more closely meet that tag and yet still be great quarterbacks (Ken Stabler, anyone? he used to hold the record for INTs).

    That said, I’m extremely disappointed in Brett. Who knows what went down with MM, TT etc. They did not handle this well at all any of them. As I’ve said before, they are all human, so I get that.

    But, back to Brett.

    His “unspoken” pact was with us, the fans, who really, ultimately, pay his salary and generate interest in his endorsements. And he blinked on his pact with us. That hurts a lot. I realize this is a job. But it is a different, and most wonderful, job than most of us hold because it connects us with a community and unites us. He’s chosen to ignore the support in that community and hang on to whatever juvenile crap went down this spring.

    Brett, I’ll always think you rock. But you have let me down. A lot.

  12. Kristin Says:

    ^ ^ ^ ^
    | | | |
    | | | |

    What lostinutah said.

  13. Kristin Says:

    I agree with Jake M. Seeing the photo of Brett hugging Jerry Parins is sad. Saddness for the past, I suppose.

    I wonder, WWVD: What Would Vince Do?
    Vince had no time for diva behavior. This would’ve been over before it started.

    I must also comment, in defense of Deanna, that I think she supports whatever Brett decides and tries to help him, but I think it’s going down a very wrong path to even think of blaming her for anything. In fact, if it were up to her, I’m pretty sure he would still be retired.

  14. Joe Says:

    Vince would have traded Brett a long time ago. Just ask Jim Ringo, etc.

  15. patrick Says:

    What MM said spoke volumes to me as to how much Favre HATES Thompson and I don’t blame him. I feel bad for the Packers and especially McCarthy because he’s being drug into this fiasco that is not of his doing. He can want Favre back, but the idiot upstairs has chosen to override the Coach with his arrogance. Unfortunately when this team has a losing season this year he will take the blame, and probably be canned by Thompson, instead of the other way around

  16. 56Coop Says:

    As many have said–there are some critical pieces to this puzzle that are missing. When all the laundry gets aired someone will be held accountable. Obviously there is bad blood between BF & TT & right or wrong BF is PO’d about it and appears to me to be acting like a diva with his panies in a wad. Looks like he is doing everythinig he can to make TT look bad.

    When all is said and done Brett Favre greatly tranishes his legacy or TT is proven to be the biggest idiot in the NFL, or both. Personally I think a little of both. Two grwon men, highly overpaid, who cannot work out their differences for the betterment of the team (supposedly).

    Either way, if McCarthy gets made the scapegoat for all of this there should be rioting in the streets of Green Bay.

  17. lostinutah Says:

    Joe’s right. The Jim Ringo story is classic Lombardi. “I’m sorry, Mr. Cook, you’re talking to the wrong coach. Mr. Favre has just been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers”.

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