Get Me a Copy Editor


Okay, we’ve got typos in our copy every now and then and they’re writing on deadline. But these guys are professional journalists

Brett Favre and Packers coach Mike McCarthy agreed the record-setting quarterback’s presence at the team’s training camp in Green Bay, Wis., was “a distraction.”

Favr eleft the Green Bay practice facility this afternoon and did not attend practice, according to ESPN. The network also reported the team will hold a meeting at some point to disucss traded possibilities. The Packers do not want to trade Favre to the Vikings or another NFC North team, which is where Favre has said he wants to go.

Oh, it’s the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

UPDATE: Comment of the year so far comes from Triple D: I’ve said ‘disucss’ all along.  I still think disucss.  I hope disizovasoon.


One Response to “Get Me a Copy Editor”

  1. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    I’ve said “disucss” all along. I still think disucss. I hope disizovasoon.

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