Favre, Thompson Talking Trades


Kevin Seifert, who runs ESPN.com’s NFC North blog, reports that Brett Favre and Ted Thompson are at Favre’s house talking about potential trades.  Seifert also reports on the scene at Lambeau, where some fans are chanting, “We Want Brett!” and one shouted at Mike McCarthy “You’ve got nowhere to hide!

It seems to me that the fact that Favre and Thompson are talking about trades makes a deal with Minnesota less likely than a deal that sends him elsewhere.  Favre has said that he’d like to be traded there, most recently this morning, and if the Packers had worked out a trade that would give him his wish, I doubt he and Thompson would bother getting together at all.

I hope that Ari Fleischer has at least told the Packers that whatever they say in meetings such as this one is likely to be distorted and then made public in an effort to make them look bad.  For some strange reason, Thompson has not yet figured that out on his own.

I’m still thinking the Bucs but Sirius NFL radio is reporting that the Jets are not out of the mix yet.


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