Divorce talks back on – Favre/McCarthy not on same page


Jay Glazer from Fox Sports reports here that Brett Favre met with Mike McCarthy last night for so long that McCarthy had to cancel his 8:15pm press conference. (I was tuned in to the press conference starting at about 8pm last night and was able to hear the reporters in the room. What initially sounded like regular conversation, I soon realized, was reporters practicing the asking of their particular questions – out loud. Brother Steve, you never told me you people do this. You journalists are odd, talking to yourselves like that). Anyway, Favre met with McCarthy and it apparently was amicable, but they still can’t see eye to eye.

Favre apparently noted on several occasions that he’s worried about messing up team chemistry (something that on its face may seem altruistic, but it could also be further evidence that he may be trying to wiggle out of this to play for the Vikes. “You know, I’ve been feeling bad about all this and just don’t want to disrupt the team any further. I guess I should just play for the Vikings then”). Among other things, Favre apparently now is in line with Rodgers being the starting QB.

I just can’t help but think something else is going on. It seemed McCarthy’s tactic last night may have still been to steer Favre away and Favre’s tactic may have still been to figure out a way to play for the Vikings. He apparently reiterated his desire to play within the division. When Favre first said this to Greta a few weeks ago, he even added “for obvious reasons”. What are those “obvious reasons”? To stick it to TT, the team, and all of Packer Nation? I just don’t get why he’d insist on playing within the division when it seems like such a jackass stance for someone who has been the face of the Packers for nearly 15 years (he wasn’t the face his first two years, Holmgren was). I guess what I struggle with most is that in Favre’s mind, there appear to be just 2 options: 1) starting for the Packers or 2) playing for the Vikings. It just doesn’t make sense – if he really loves this team and organization etc, you’d think he would rule out playing for Minnesota (unless again, he’s so ticked off about something we don’t know about, which I continue to believe is what happened).

6 Responses to “Divorce talks back on – Favre/McCarthy not on same page”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    It is nice to hear Favre is talking about the effect on the team and acknowledging that Rodgers is the starting QB. And it would be nice if I could accept that it was genuine because then I do think everyone could start to heal from this. But all of his comments have been so self-serving lately that it is hard to believe this isn’t his next gambit. I really just want this whole saga to be over and done with but without Favre ending up with the Vikings. If that happens I’m going to a game and booing him a lot.

  2. awhayes Says:

    With you PackerBelle – I can’t help but feel cynical about what seems like his sudden concern for the team. It’s funny, in a way, it seems like both parties want the same thing: Favre to not play for the Packers in 2008. But it’s just that the Packers don’t want him on the Vikes which is the only place Favre wants to be. So odd, this whole thing, just so very odd.

  3. Mr.Man Says:

    Screw trading him only to someplace he demands. That’s ridiculous. I think they should just trade him somewhere where he doesn’t want to go for a conditional pick. If he gives in and plays, the pick increases in value. If he reretires, then it’s a 7th rounder. There’s little risk for the trading team, and this situation would be over, at long last.

    Also, the one sensible explanation of the “obvious reasons” for wanting to stay in the division that he’s given is that he knows the other teams in it, so he’d have a big head start on analyzing and understanding opposing defenses. That makes sense to me, but (A) that’s only 6 games out of a 16 game schedule, (B) sort of indicates the mental laziness he admitted to in March, and (C) is probably just an excuse to go to what looks like the best team with an unsettled QB situation in the Vikings.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    If Glazer is telling the truth, it indicates that one of the two people in the meeting leaked that info to him. I’m willing to bet it wasn’t Mc Carthy (satire). Favre has used this tactic throughout . One thing we all know, a five hour meeting wasn’t about x’s and o’s.

    Since the beginning it has been Favre vs. T.T. By league rule the Packers can now trade him to anyone. Also, by league rule Favre doesn’t have to report to the team he was traded to. If he does not report, he stays on the Packer rooster. That leaves the Packers with only three options:
    1. Trade to the Vilings and get crumbs in return.
    2. Unconditional Release – goes to the Vikings
    3. Keep him — Press leaks about mean old T.T. continue throughout the year. Let’s not forget the first seven games, only two will be classified in the Packer favorite column (Lions and Falcons). Vikings (Even) Then there will be Dallas, Indy, Seattle and Tampa Bay (underdog – qb situation) The Packers could be 2-5 going into the break.

    If Favre is so damn concerned about team chemistry then take a trade to a team outside the division. He won’t! He is pretty sure he will get what he wants (why not with that jackass Goodell holding private conversations with him). Rodgers is now a pariah. He stands in the way of the great Brett Favre and he will pay. He cannot win.

    As I’ve said before , game, set, match to Favre, Cook and Goodell

  5. 56Coop Says:

    I have spent the last 12 hours on the verge of throwing up. I THOUGHT from all the reports out there that the Packers had finally come to their senses and would at least allow Brett to compete for his job–now, I’m not so sure.

    The game is football, the idea is to win. Simply put, we will more with Favre. I’m quite sure were the truth allowed to be told that to a man, the teammates would prefer to have Favre under center. Yeah I’m sick of his wafting ways but he is still one of the top 5-6 QB’s in the game. The only thing Rogers has proven so far is that he is injury prone.

    We have this trifecta of egotistical idiots, TT, MM & MM that appear to want to go down in NFL history as making the worst decisions ever. Let Brett have his 17th year and for God’s sake don’t send him to the Vike’s.

  6. FMRPKR Says:

    How can you guys be so dumb? Do you really think Favre is being dishonest or playing games in order to end up with the Vikings??? There’s no way he’s going anywhere. Everything he’s done is just an angle to get back on with the Packers. He’s not going to start over from scratch with a new playbook and team. That’s just an angle to make the packers take him back as he’s banking on the fact that TT would rather have him w/packers than the Vikings. I know for a fact that if TT calls the bluff and sends Brett to the Vikings, Brett will retire again. All these conspiracy theories regarding Brett trying to get out of GB are idiotic and show me just how little some of you know about Brett. The people you should all be angry with are TT and MM. They both got rich on Brett’s arm. Do you think either one of them would have gotten paid like they did if they’d fielded a bunch of 8-8 teams. They owe their careers to Favre and as soon as he gave them a window, they threw him out of it. Acting like the Packers have made so many moves in the last 3 months that they can’t go back is utter B.S.

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