Vikes cleared of tampering charge


Goodell said today that the Vikes are not guilty of tampering with Favre. Thanks to reader DDD for pointing this out. Will this make a trade to the Vikes less complicated?


3 Responses to “Vikes cleared of tampering charge”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    No compensatory picks. So, T. T. loses another round. Gee, what a surprise. Start Favre and let Rodgers go on the trading block for what ever they can get. Or, God forbid, release Favre. Another T.T. promise that will be broken.

    The Packers are now in a no win position, thanks to T.T.

  2. Kristin Says:

    It might make a trade to the Vikes less complicated. But no less unthinkable. Not gonna happen.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    Al Jones on WSSP Milwaukee — He says Favre wants to play first and foremost for the GB Packers. If he can not play ( I assume that must means start) he wants his outright release.

    One very scary thing came up during the interview. Remember Friday Goodell’s office said he would take no action on the reinstatement until Monday. Well, apparently Favre was in direct communication with the Commish on Saturday and Sunday. Sometime Sunday morning the Commish told Favre was he was reinstated. That was the event that triggered Favre’s caravan north. So now it’s obvious that T.T. is aligned against Favre, Cook, the Commish and Favre fans. I wouldn’t bet against Mc Carthy lining up against T.T. (joke- I think) Who do you think will win this one.

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