Childress: We Haven’t Talked to Packers


Brad Childress denied the report this morning from Bob McGinn that the Packers had contacted the Vikings about a trade for Brett Favre and Childress did so by taking a shot at McGinn.

“Bob [Hagan, the Vikings director of public relations] showed me that article last night,” Childress said. “I was in a personnel meeting with Rick [Spielman] and George Paton until 11 o’clock with the coaches. I have a pretty good idea how that [article] went down but you can shape the environment however you want one way or the other. We haven’t had any contact with them.”

Favre has reported to the Packers and, according to reports, will be allowed to challenge Aaron Rodgers for the No. 1 job. The Packers at one point had said Favre would not be welcomed back as their starting quarterback and the veteran then asked for his release with the intention of joining the Vikings.

Childress pointed out the latest article on the situation was written by Bob McGinn, who had reported the Packers had team-issued cell phone records that showed Favre had contact with the Vikings. Green Bay, of course, has filed tampering charges against Minnesota. Since that report, others have said there was no team-issued cell phone.

“My comment would be, I think that’s the same journalist that wrote that there was a cell phone involved that the Packers gave [Favre],” Childress said.

As for Favre reporting to camp and being reinstated, Childress had little reaction. ”I’ve seen it but haven’t had a lot of discretionary time to sit and watch television or sit [in front of the] Internet,” he said.

Childress said he has not heard anything from the league regarding the tampering charges filed by the Packers. “I think they have everything from us that they need,” he said. Childress has been given no timeline on possible league reaction and doesn’t expect one. “[Commissioner Roger Goodell] has a lot of things on his plate, whether it’s the Hall of Fame or dealing with other issues,” Childress said. “He’ll get back to me when he needs to.”


5 Responses to “Childress: We Haven’t Talked to Packers”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Just heard Gary Ellerson talking with Worter (ESPN?) and this is going to get worse tonight. Mc Carthy is getting together with the QB’s and Team to explain the new reality. I’d love to be in that meeting. More undoubtedly to come.

  2. Kristin Says:

    I’m not sure who is feeding McGinn his info or what the “source’s” motive is, but I’m glad Childress finally called it out. Most of the hyper-negative reaction about Favre took hold with the “Packer issued cell-phone” story, and snowballed from there.

    The Journal-Sentinal coverage has been sketchy at best, throwing up all sorts of theories versus stories. They should leave the theorizing to the brilliant minds on this Blog, and stick to writing stories that they can actually fact check.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    Not 100% on this but, the way I understand the cellphone issue is that they are provided to the Packer Organization as a promotion. The phones, technically, do not belong to GB. For some reason, however, usage reords were transmitted to the Packers. Not completely sure why this would happen.

  4. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Goodell has conlcuded that the Vikings did not tamper:

  5. awhayes Says:

    thanks for the update DDD – man, makes me wonder if Favre was the one who initiated that contact then. Conspiracy post coming…

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