The VandeHei Plan


VandeHei checks in from the road with this very appealing proposal.

Here is my plan for ending the drama.

1. Favre arrives tonight and refuses to talk to media. He smiles and suggests a compromise is coming.
2. Favre and Thompson meet privately and work through whatever personal issue they have (there is clearly something very personal animating this showdown). McCarthy (who wants BF as starter) brokers this.
3. The two sides agree to hold joint press conference tomorrow at 1 to announce favre is returning as backup – for now. They will jointly agree in public that given the unusual situation aaron rogers deserves chance to prove he is the superior qb. Ted thompson says this: “of course, as with any team going with a first-time starter at the most important position in football, he will have to earn this.”
Favre will nod approvingly: “I agree with ted and plan to do everything I can to help this team, help aaron and prepare myself in case they need me.”
4. Both men say its important to confront the drama of the past few months. Both apologize for letting this get personal and acting impulsively. They clear the air, admitting they both made big mistakes in how they handled this very unusual situation. Both make it clear they always had the pack’s best interest in mind. They say the press has complicated matters with some very flawed and misleading coverage.
5. They end by announcing the marketing deal was in the works since march and that once brett is done playing he will have a 10 year pr relationship with the team he loves and cherishes.
6. They hug – favre makes a smart ass comment about crushing the vikings – and we start debating when they should yank a-rod.
Jim VandeHei


2 Responses to “The VandeHei Plan”

  1. Eric Mortensen Says:

    I actually agree with your plan to a point. I think this would be the best way to handle the whole situation. To bad it will never happen though since at this point Favre has shown no evidence that he is ever willing to compromise. At least the Packers have given Favre some options. Favre has given the Packers none whatsoever. Favre essentially want to either be the starter or be the starter for the Vikings. He knows he won’t trade him to the Vikings so he is essentially not compromising at all. If this would somehow happen I would be so happy. If Rodgers plays well he will start and the Packers will be in a good situation. If Rodgers struggles the Packers can always turn to Favre. I wish your plan would work but I have serious doubts that it could ever happen.

  2. lostinutah Says:

    This would be a perfect scenario for me.

    Brett, welcome back. It’s almost like you were never gone. 🙂

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