Observations – Packers Family Night

  • Jackson looked so-so as the lead back, nothing special
  • The offense felt disorganized
  • Patrick Lee offered consistent blanket coverage – let’s hope he doesn’t Jarrett Bush us
  • Wynn was not dressed, now what?
  • Hawk and Barnett are pumped to be playing football again
  • Our defense seems to have a huge number of high quality athletes on it – and even thought I was concerned re the struggles of the offense against our 2nd team corners, I was comforted at the same time by what I’m already suspecting could be a solid and deep secondary
  • Collins played several series at corner – interesting
  • Morency was pumped and had a couple nice runs
  • Jeremy Thompson had several nice pursuit plays and a nice sack
  • Rodgers did not look good, maybe 4-15 or so passing, seemed out of rhythm
  • Charlie Peprah had 2 monster hits and looks much bigger this year than last
  • Aaron Rouse is an enormous individual. I knew he was big (6’4) but he just towers over people
  • Could have just been good coverage but the receivers didn’t seem to be getting open too well
  • On a couple occasions when Rodgers tried to throw on the run, he seemed to lose quite a bit of velocity
  • Brohm wears a giant knee brace and looked panicky until settling in a bit and being mediocre
  • They said on the broadcast that last year Cullen Jenkins had 9 passes batted down. I wonder if they were actually talking about Jolly, but if that’s true, Jenkins then contributed more than I thought last year because I batting passes quietly very valuable
  • Tramon Williams is everywhere, so fast
  • Will Blackmon a monster on punt returns still – apparently was recently quoted as saying he can return punts in his sleep, he’s just trying to get more involved as a cornerback
  • Flynn, of the 3 QBs, started out looking by far more comfortable than the other two and quite poised – though he did have a few puke throws toward the end of the scrimmage
  • Mike McCarthy might have gone to the Steve Hayes school of dieting (gained 20 pounds it seems)
  • Caught a quick commentary from Chris Collinsworth on NBC who is very much glad Favre is back and thinks in fact that it’s a very important development for the team as too much was being put on a totally inexperienced new guy
  • Chillar had one nice hit
  • Ted Thompson, when the TV flashed to him a few times, looked absolutely exhausted.
  • Deanna Favre showed up at the scrimmage and was in a box – there was mild speculation from the announcers that Favre may have been there

UPDATE: Wanted to acknowledge Aaron’s comment that Jackson didn’t look too bad last night. While I know Aaron is a big Jackson fan, I also should have pointed out as Aaron did that Jackson did have a couple nice runs and didn’t look bad overall. He also ran hard. He wasn’t spectacular, but perhaps not as average as I indicated above.


2 Responses to “Observations – Packers Family Night”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Favre was indeed there, as was I. And sitting watching from the end-zone, I thought Jackson looked much better than last year at this time – he saw the hole perfectly and cut back at just the right time, esp on his second run.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    We can hope that Grant and Jackson will develop into a Bennet/Levens like tandem. Is theree cause for concern with Wynn?

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