Kumbaya, Favre, Thompson?


LIke Jim V alluded to in his nice layout of an ideal Favre return a few posts ago – this whole nasty situation has got to end in a hug of some sort. But the question now is when will that hug take place. TT is likely still pacing the floor and cursing saying “Brett Favre is a meanie, he’s a real meanie” while Favre is ensconcing in the warmth of the adoration he apparently has come to need to function anymore (there was quite show of support for his return at the airport a few minutes ago). So again, the question now is when will the kumbaya moment take place. Somehow, someday, between now and first preseason game, there will have to be a kumbaya moment in order for this whole thing to move forward.

But for this particular Kumbaya moment, because I just don’t think we’re all going to be able to purge ourselves of that crappy there’s-massive-conflict-going-on feeling that’s developed over the last few months, I think the following may be the most appropriate version.


2 Responses to “Kumbaya, Favre, Thompson?”

  1. randall120 Says:

    I still think this will end badly. I’m not sure which side to fall on. I think Favre’s ego made him believe they’d welcome him back with open arms whenever he made that momentous decision, at his own pace of course.
    I’m old enough to remember Unitas as a Charger, Namath as a Ram, and Willy Mays as a Met. All were pale shadows of their glory days.
    If Favre ends up starting, whether with the Packers or someone else, which one will we see, the Favre of last year or the interception throwing one of the previous two. My hope is the former, my nightmare is the latter.

  2. randall120 Says:

    I got that last statement backward. So much for trying to be eloquent. What a birdbrain I am.

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