Favre Reinstated


Yeah, this post should have come before Jim’s.  Favre has been reinstated.  Due in Green Bay tonight.  Chaos to follow.


2 Responses to “Favre Reinstated”

  1. PackerBacker4Ever Says:

    Is this Favre reporting to camp about money or about him really wanting to play again? Why is he even considering this deal if he REALLY wants to play? Is it possible that the Packers have told him the deal is OFF if he wears purple this year and now Favre is debating whether playing one more year for someone other the Packers is really worth giving up $25+ million dollars. So, he is considering taking the deal but now they can’t come to an agreement on the amount so he is using reporting to camp as a negotiation tatic to get the money he wants for the marketing deal?

    Wendy Nix on ESPN reported that the marketing/retirement deal was “one phone call away” from being done on Friday night with the hang up being money.

    Tom Silverstein at JSOnline blog has this to say:

    “Favre reporting to camp could very well be a negotiating ploy aimed at getting the Packers to give him a cut of the sales that are generated from his image. Defining those revenues might be the difficult part, which is probably why the Packers are offering a set fee instead of a piece of the action.”

    From Al Jones article in the Biloxi Sun Herald:
    “When I retire, they lose all marketing rights,” Favre said. “They cannot sell anything with my name on it. That’s a big deal to them. It’s just like an endorsement with Nike. We have been working on that (deal) for some time.”

    Maybe Brett Favre has decided to retire….again and he wants to get paid what he considers a fair amount for his name. And, his leverage to get that money is to create a circus at training camp.

  2. Kristin Says:

    This story published today by Favre reporter friend Al Jones seems to have a different tone than what I’m reading today about Favre showing up in Green Bay tonight.
    Jones apparently met with Favre on Saturday. Favre’s family is in Destin, FL. If you ask me, Favre sounds a little defeated in this interview. I think he really does (or, did) want to play for GB, but he knows he’s stuck in retirement….

    We’ll see what happens…

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