Booing Rodgers? Really?


I’m not typically the kind of guy who scolds fans for boorish behavior or drinking too much or swearing in front of kids. I don’t like it, but I just don’t spend much time thinking about fan behavior.

But according to Greg Bedard’s liveblog, Packer fans have now booed Aaron Rodgers at least three times in tonight’s “Family Night” scrimmage. How bad is it? I can’t tell — I can’t see the game. But assuming Bedard is describing things accurately, this is unbelievably bad form.

Are Packer fans really assholes like this?

Here’s an easy prediction: the stories in the national press tomorrow will all mention — and maybe lede with — the fact that Rodgers was booed the night before Brett Favre returned to the Packers. For the past month, there has been very little that the fans could control as we saw selfish whining from Favre, incompetence from the Packers, and bullying from Roger Goodell. Now that Packer fans have their first opportunity to make a contribution they respond by booing Aaron Rodgers?

No class. Please stay home next time.

UPDATE: Andy, watching the game on TV, and Aaron of fame both believe Bedard was overstating the number of boobirds.  Aaron writes: “there is NO WAY you could think that Rodgers was booed tonight if you were sitting in the bleachers. In fact, my daughter and I were both shocked at the positive reception he got…”


One Response to “Booing Rodgers? Really?”

  1. Tracy Says:

    All is well in Packerland once again. Brett Favre is back in town. If the Packers know what is good for them, they will place Brett back as our starting quarterback.

    Aaron Rodgers was less than stellar last night – definitely NOT a solid performance.

    Fans should be THANKFUL that Brett is back in Titletown. He gives us the BEST chance at winning a Super Bowl, something Aaron Rodgers cannot do.

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