Bedard dead wrong – Rodgers got loud ovation


Not sure what game Bedard was watching but Aaron Rodgers got a loud ovation when he ran onto the field at Lambeau tonight. Loud. And, when they just gave away his jersey (can’t believe I’m still tuned into this thing), there was another loud ovation and lots of excitement.

Tim Van Vooren from Fox 6 was just talking in fact about how Rodgers was so well received by fans tonight. Bedard’s wrong here and overstating a particular moment of the night when Rodgers had just thrown his 7th consecutive horrendous pass or so and the fans kind of booed. It wasn’t a Philadelphia Eagle fan “we all totally hate you right now, let’s fight” boo – it was a relatively tame boo that said “wow, if you’re supposed to be our guy, we sure don’t want to see a string of crappy passes like that during the season”. Sure, it’s odd anytime Packer fans boo, but that sure as hell better not be the story of the night.


4 Responses to “Bedard dead wrong – Rodgers got loud ovation”

  1. Bill Walsh Says:

    Wait, you’re telling me the press may have reported something inaccurately? Possibly to gin up controversy?! I can’t handle the thought!

    Seriously, I hereby retract my previous comment about the fans and its being Favre’s fault. It surprised me to read it, because people around here have all been surprisingly philosophical about it, either way. People have opinions, but both Favre and Rodgers seem quite popular. Which is why I was so surprised to see that and too quick to shoot off my mouth.

    (People on the internet shoot of their mouths?! Too quickly?! I can’t handle the thought!)

  2. Kristin Says:

    Thanks for the reality check Andy.
    Someone here previously lamented the sketchy coverage of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal. I think the Boo-coverage might be another example. The JS is lagging way behind the Green Bay Press Gazette on this story, and they tend to be inflammatory (read: Bob McGinn’s Packer issued cell-phone scoop.)

    I’m sure there were some vocal a-holes, but if I know one thing… it’s that Packer fans are mostly respectful. The Press-Gazette described it as a little more than a “smattering” of boos.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Yeah, just read that over at JS. Must be an issue with how the press box is situated, because there is NO WAY you could think that Rodgers was booed tonight if you were sitting in the bleachers. In fact, my daughter and I were both shocked at the positive reception he got…

  4. Cindy V Says:

    I was at the scrimmage Sunday night. I’m not sure where anyone else was sitting, but the area I was sitting in there were loud boos for Aaron Rodgers when they were raffling off his jersey. I told my sister I was disgusted by the behavior of those boorish fans and she agreed with me. My take: If you want Brett back, fine. If you have an issue with how the Pakers organization is handling the situation, take it up with the management. But you don’t boo the young man caught in the middle of this foolishness.

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