Newsweek: McCain Won’t Talk About Favre


This is pretty funny.  Apparently at the town hall John McCain had yesterday in Racine, the very first question he got was about the Packers and Brett Favre.  Newsweek’s Holly Bailey writes that one local reporter said of the controversy, “It’s broken up long friendships.”  Funny.  Sad.  True.

The big question among the press corps here today: Would someone ask McCain about Favre? The answer is yes. At his town hall meeting this afternoon in Racine, the very first question came from a man who stood up and praised McCain’s experience and credentials. Given that, the man said, what did he think the Packers should do about its aging quarterback? If he were to weigh in, he might very well likely cement a win here in November, the man helpfully noted. McCain paused for several seconds, as audience members laughed and, to be honest, looked a little anxious. “There’s a lot of controversy I have jumped into in my time,” McCain said. “(But) I am not so dumb that I am going to jump into that one.”

As Newsweek notes (now that’s a good memory), PackerGeeks asked McCain about Favre’s retirement the morning it was first reported.   After his initial shock – “Oh, no!” – McCain said he was glad Favre chose to retire and had been increasingly concerned that he would get hurt.


5 Responses to “Newsweek: McCain Won’t Talk About Favre”

  1. Mac G Says:

    I am surprised the AARP McCain remembered what he talking about and did not somehow work his POW experience into his answer or find a way to slander Barry O.

  2. VaCheezHead Says:

    Just curious but let’s say Brett takes the marketing position offer (bribe) and all of this coming out of retirement talk finally goes away. What would the situation be if Aaron Rodgers did suffer a season ending injury this season. Would the Pack be able or willing to ask Brett to play?

  3. verno329 Says:

    If he doesn’t answer the most important question of this election year how I am supposed to know how to vote? Does he have a pro-Favre agenda or is he anti-Favre? The nation needs to know. To heck with Goodell getting involved, lets get presidential candidates to arbitrate this.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    I was at the “Townhall Meeting” yesterday. Being the first question asked it was undoubtedly a setup. Got a chuckle. Outsiders don’t seem to understand the irrational passion Packer Fans have for the team. Remember Oduma’s “Lambert Field” comment?

  5. Rice, Like McCain, Won’t Touch Favre Issue « packergeeks Says:

    […] Politico’s indefatigable Mike Allen breaks the news that Condoleezza Rice, like John McCain before her, has opted to avoid injecting herself into the Favre negotiations. Isaacson was referring to […]

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