How do Grant/Herman feel re apparent Favre offer?


First of all, want to thank reader Dave in Tuscon for pointing out that many of us are running with the anonymous source report that Favre was indeed offered $20 million or so to stay away. Many typically credible outlets like ESPN, are running with this as well, but this does not appear to be confirmed fact and we should allow for the possibility that this has been Favre-Camp-Distorted again.

That said, now, back to assuming this did happen. Good point here from – how do Grant and his agent feel right about now? The Packers aren’t holding substantive talks with them while they fly around apparently offering millions to a player for him NOT to play!

7 Responses to “How do Grant/Herman feel re apparent Favre offer?”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Just got back from a John Mc Cain Townhall as part of the VFW contiogent. First question out of the box was, “Would you meet with Ted Thompson, Mc Carthy and Favre to help resolve their dispute” (paraphrased)? His answer; “I graduated 5th from the bootom of my Naval Academy class, have thrown myself into a number contentious disputes over the years, but I’m not that dumb.

    I’ve really tried to understand the Packers position in the Favre saga. After yesterday, I’m ready to say the Board of Directors needs to meet and deal with this (Executive Committee). It is obvious Thompson, for a guy who is supposed to be so buttoned up, is not capable of dealing with Favre face to face. They send Murphy, a new guy in a “Figurehead” position. Then offer to pay him $20 million to stay home and drive his tractor around. I defy anyone to make sense of this.

    In the meantime Grant is being dissed by a two bit financial guy (Russ Balls) whose last job was probably doing infomercials on WBAY on Saturday mornings. All that need be said is Brady Poppinga. No offense Brady, but your value to the Packers is not anywhere near Grant’s value. In fact, he may not start by the season’s first game. On a value basis Grant is worth Poppinga’s $3 Mil plus $1 mil more for value in up front money.Don’t pay Favre his no-show money and with the original $1.75 mil Packer offer you probably have a deal.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    And Steve, You were right as usual. Check Mc Carthy’s Training Camp review from yesterday at Jackson is already an All Pro, Wynn can crash through walls and leap tall buildings in a single bound and Morency is just a real quality player.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    Flash – A private plane will be leaving Mississippi at 4:15pm landing at Green Bay at 6:30pm. The passenger one Brett Lorenzo Favre. Herman says Grant negotiation is going no where.

    Just who in the hell is running the funny farm in GB? IDIOTS one and all.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Who the hell cares what Herman thinks? Grant is more than welcome to join all of us as a gainfully employed citizen if he doesn’t wish to play for the Green Bay Packers. I hear The Gap needs stock boys…

    Oh and Ron – in as much seriousness as can be mustered in a blog comment – thank you for your service to our country.

  5. Ron La Canne Says:

    Thanks Aaron, my pleasure. Gilbert Brown has the solution: “Give me the $ 20 million and I’ll keep him in Mississippi.

    If a contract meant as much as you feel, why was Poppinga signed to an extension? He sure as hell didn’t deserve it. He was an average at best LB. The quality of Packer Administrative Managemnt is showing us how pathetically incompetent they are. Time for the Exec. Committee to step in.

  6. Aaron Says:

    Contracts are not all about rewarding pas accomplishments. Obviously, the Packers feel Brady’s best is yet to come…

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    And Grant’s best is not yet to come? So, if you believe that, the Packers should cut him or trade him now. Poppinga’s contract showed they are willing to negotiate before a contract expires for a player whose acomplishments were minimal. But, the Inspector Cleauseau of negotiators went ahead and signed Poppinga before he had to. (I.E., he establiched a benchmark for all future negotiations). If you want to study hardball negotiations go back and read one of the many books on Vince Lombardi. Look up the Jim Ringo stories. Now, that is negotiation. Her established a benchmark for the rest of the team. If Ballz (Cleauseau’s disguise designer) wants to play hardball then back it up. Don’t go hide under your desk and avoid the confrontation. If Ballz can’t do that I suggest he is in the wrong profession.

    And as Steven Covey always says, “Past performance is the best predictor of future performance.” Why? Because there is no other way to judge future behavior. No one, even Lombardi, could predict how Taylor or Hornung would play in a season. He used past performance as his benchmark.

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