Favre deal within 48 hours?


So says ESPN radio’s 20 minute update (both national and Milwaukee ESPN radio’s update). Both updates noted that there are rumblings that the Packers are expecting to close a deal within the next 48 hours. It was noted that Goodell is not going to reinstate Favre today but will likely wait until tomorrow which will then give the Packers tomorrow and Saturday to complete a deal before Favre is able to show for camp. Favre can’t report to camp tomorrow because he will not have been reinstated until 3pm, and then the Packers will have 24 hours after he’s reinstated to essentially delay things further. Now, I don’t know what the rules are, but it really seems odd that Goodell has the power to delay reinstatement without providing a solid reason. Being able to do this makes him an awfully powerful man. I can see doing this to more carefully investigate a player if he’s had ongoing behavior problems, like a Chris Henry. But with Favre, it just seems odd that he can just delay a reinstatement like this.

Quick question though – if the Vikes are found guilty of tampering, isn’t there some rule out there that would say that they are then not eligible to trade for the player involved? And, if there is such a rule, would Goodell be inclined to “find nothing of concern” during the investigation because he seems so intent on getting a trade done?

2 Responses to “Favre deal within 48 hours?”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    The way it looks to me is the following: Goodell is making up the rules as he goes. Let’s see, do ya think Lombardi, Halas, Jones, Al Davis, Rooney would put up with this excrement? The new ownership in the NFL is predominantly a bunch of Silicon Valley weasels who fell into loads of cash and would have a hard time lifting a football yet alone run a team. The Comish is basically a dictator.

  2. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    There are reports that talks with the Jets are heating up.

    RE: Goodell.

    I think Favre’s reinstatement is the only leverage that he has in this situation. He can’t make the Packers cut Favre, but he apparently has plenty of discretion to sit on the reinstatement.

    But I do find it interesting that Favre was unwilling to even consider going to the Jets (or even giving the Packers a list of teams that he would consider) and now all of a sudden Bus and the Jets are talking turkey. I’m thinking that Goodell has in some way let Camp Favre know that his prompt reinstatement is contingent with their making a good faith effort to cooperate with the Packers in working out a trade.

    Obviously, if it goes on too long Favre can file a grievance with the players union. But Goodell can drag his feet long enough to hit Favre where it hurts most: Favre’s precious, precious streak. That’s the elephant in the room here. Favre needs to be in camp ASAP so that he can start on opening day.

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