Did the Vikings coax Favre out of retirement?


Read this excerpt from an AP article by Brett Martel. Focus on the bold part. What does this mean?????

It is widely believed Favre would be willing to play for the Vikings. In filing tampering charges with the NFL against the Vikings two weeks ago, Packers officials expressed a belief that Vikings coaches had inappropriate contact with Favre—and interest from the Vikings was the main reason behind Favre’s last-minute desire to return.

Did the Vikings convince him to return and is that why TT and company are so upset? Have they known all along that Favre didn’t want to come back to the Packers at all, but instead go to Hamm’s country and golf with his pal Longwell? Did this all go down during that strange time (late March) when Favre said he wanted to come back and then suddenly changed his mind? That time Al Jones himself was wondering about? I know a few of you and Brother Steve have wondered re Vikings conspiracy possibilities (I’ve been in denial re this possibility due to not being able to deal with it being true), but the more we learn, the more worried I am that this may prove to be true.

2 Responses to “Did the Vikings coax Favre out of retirement?”

  1. mc Says:

    Longwell is buddies with Favre. Robert Ferguson is one of Favre’s old receivers. Darren Sharper is probably on good terms with Favre. Favre is tight with Childress and Bevell…and when Favre retired in March, he said “I have nothing left to give to this organization…”

    Presumably he has something left to give to an organization in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and he has no shortage of pals over there…

    It all does seem to justify the notion of a conspiracy theory; I too have struggled with accepting it as a possibility, but it did percolate in the back of my mind in March…especially when the Sam Farmer story came out about Bus sniffing around some NFL teams.

    Maybe you’re right; maybe TT’s knowledge of all this mild-to-severe subterfuge is fueling the Pack’s anger.

    Maybe Ted knew from Day 1 that Bus was cooking up a relocation strategy all along…

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    My head is going to explode. Our manic/depressive QB canceled his flight to Green Bay. Apparently the Comish said no-no until I sign the intent. He will not do that before tomorrow. This is beginning to look like even the Comish is in on my “Conspiracy Theory”. I got to whip up a book fast and sell the movie rights.

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