Al Jones interview on WSSP yesterday


Read the following from Packergeeks reader Ron La Canne.

Al Jones (Favre’s reporter friend from Biloxi) was interviewed on 1250 WSSP in Milwaukee this afternoon. He feels that something happened to cause things to go bad after Favre met with Campen in March. He said, Favre indicated to Campen that he had changed his mind and wanted to come back. Campen went back to GB and told Thompson and Mc Carthy. TT and MM told Favre that was fine and would come to Mississippi April 1 (does that have any sugnificance?) and make a joint statement (Most of this has been around in bits and pieces). He feels that during the time between Campens visit and the day he called Mc Carthy and told him not come, someone or something changed his mind again. He said he didn’t know what it was.

His feeling is that there are only three possibilities Favre has available to him now. Go back and play at GB (He said he feels this is what Favre really wants). Get his outright release from the Packers but even that doesn’t guarentee he will play for another team. Or finally, retire once again (He would only be slightly surprised if this happened.

Based on the interview above it seems that something happened to make Favre tell TT and MM not to come. What could that be? Jones said if that can be revealed we would know why Favre has been acting as he has.

My guess — I smell Bevell and Childress.

Interesting comment and possible speculation that perhaps TT and the team may have been ticked off that Favre may have been talking to the Vikings around this time – is that what you’re getting at here Ron? I also heard this interview and in fact, had wondered in a few previous posts about whether something happened between TT and Favre that we don’t know about that may be at the root of this? Who knows if something actually did happen, but Ron, interesting speculation. To give this comment some context, I must say I found Al Jones to be more balanced during this interview yesterday than he’s been in print lately (in print, a few weeks ago he got out of control re TT, giving the impression he 100% backed Favre). Sure, in this interview yesterday he was still critical of TT but he also noted he doesn’t believe Favre has handled this well either – noting in particular that Favre waited way to long to firmly declare his unretirement intentions, as they were.

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