Will Someone Please Tell the Truth?


We’ve dinged Brett Favre several times for his lack of straightforwardness.  And he’s deserved it.  But lately it’s been the Packers who have been inconsistent.  For weeks they have claimed they would welcome Favre back to Green Bay.  Now that his return is upon us, the Packers apparently sent the team president to Favre’s hometown to convince him to stay away.  I understand why they don’t want him back, which is why I thought it was foolish for them to pretend that they did.

Is anyone here competent?  Or honest?

4 Responses to “Will Someone Please Tell the Truth?”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Good question Steve. My answer is NO! Or, there is another possibility. Whatever is causing the seemingly insane responses by all parties is trying to be kept secret.

    Just what will be the difference if Favre shows up Friday or Wednesday of next week. It is painfully obvious that Favre’s trade value is nada. Interest in trading for him is casual at best. Part of that issue can be placed at the foot of Goodell by sticking his nose into the issue prematurely. But, if he is really up to the billing of 4th or 5th best QB in the NFL certainly some teams would be doing some serious fact finding on Favre.

    I can’t get the feeling that something major is unkown to us at this time out of my system. Murphy going to Favre today was absolutely astonishing. It surely couldn’t be to delay reporting for a few days.

    Just because my favorite movie is Mel Gibson’s “Conspiracy Theory” should have no bearing on my opinion here.

  2. lostinutah Says:

    What Ron says.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Do you think Favre is coachable at this point? At all?

    As a related aside, I’m sure you’ve heard reports of Favre’s bizarre “I’m not lying” comment today. It should be observed that people with a clear conscience do not make such comments unprovoked.


  4. Bill Walsh Says:

    Yeah, I’m saying “no,” too. Plus, neither side has shown anything approaching candor in revealing what the hell is actually going on. They kind of deserve each other at this point.

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