Rodgers, Woodson React to Favre News


Let’s say this about Aaron Rodgers: He has handled this entire situation exceedingly well.  Aside from his ill-advised comments to Sports Illustrated, Rodgers has said the right thing at every step of this fiasco.  That includes his comments today, on learning that Brett Favre has filed reinstatement papers.

“I’m not as affected as you guys think I am or should be,” he said. “They told me I’m the starter, and until that changes, that’s going to be my focus. I keep saying that…I have confidence in myself and I have confidence in how the coaches on the staff feel about me,” he said. “And he’s not here yet. We’re still dealing in hypotheticals for the moment, until he gets here.”

Charles Woodson, however, acknowledged that the Favre situation is a distraction and that things will get worse if Favre comes to camp.

“Any time you have a situation where there is a distraction or one guy getting all the attention or the buzz, rather than on us concentrating or executing plays, you get tired of answering questions…It’s only going to be worse if he shows up in camp tomorrow or the next day.  We’ve just all got to be prepared to be professionals and to practice hard and work hard and make sure everyone on the team is doing their job.”

Andy has gotten word of Woodson saying other, less constructive things in the locker room today.  Assuming they’re true, he’ll post them here later tonight.

And it gets uglier.

5 Responses to “Rodgers, Woodson React to Favre News”

  1. MC Says:

    Despite all the anger the Freezing Old Man has made me feel the last few days, I’d actually be kind of impressed if he showed up for practice. If nothing else, you’ve got to respect the balls it would take to walk right into the heart of the firestorm, even it’s your own self-created firestorm.

    Wednesday cannot get here soon enough…

  2. lostinutah Says:

    Yes, he will prove he has balls, if nothing else. And I for one think he has something else. Hopefully he will also display something in the nature of humility, or I have mistaken BLF totally.

  3. MC Says:

    Good point; the dynamics of this thing could change a wee bit if Favre As We Know Him shows up, rather than Bizarro Favre of the Fox News soundbytes…

  4. Mac G Says:

    I say cut the guy or have him compete for the job. Publicly stating he is a backup to a brittle Aaron Rodgers is just as insulting as any crap Bizarro Favre spouted on Fake News.

    Favre holds all the cards here and I do not think he cares about the walking into the firestorm one bit.

    Favre is way guilty of screwing with every Packers’ fans emotional strings in this whole episode. Jordan, Sugar Ray Leonard, Clemens, Ryne Sandberg, all came out of retirement.

    I understand Steven(spl?) that you are upset with Favre and every solid post you write is quite clearly evident of this point of view. Favre’s shitty behavior bent you the wrong way and you want a clean break, no matter what happens or what he has done in the past. There is no turning back for you. I get it. Hell, I understand it.

    Put the circus aside and your emotional feelings to explain to me: How the hell is Aaron Rodgers better than Brett Favre? How is the team better with Rodgers? what proof is there?

    There is none other than potential based upon one half and some hype cuz he was a late round first round pick. The Broncos drafted Tommy Maddox in the first round and the team did not push Elway out for him. Different situation but still, who cares that Rodgers was a first round pick. who gives a F about 2011. This is the NOT FOR LONG League and coaches get fired in large amounts every season.

    I am worried about several things with Rodgers.
    How does Rodgers handle the blitz? What does he do on third down? How does play once a team adjusts to him? What type of leader is he? Is he able to play on the road or in cold weather? Can he play a NFL game without breaking a bone?

    Rodgers is injury prone and has proved jack squat in this league. It does suck for Rodgers that Favre is screwing him but it is the NFL, he is highly compensated and he can get over it. Packer teammates will get over it too.

    I am basing my request for Brett Favre on his play last season and not some emotional need for my favorite player to keep playing. This is a intellectual decision making.

    I am Packer fan since the Lynn Dickey days so my loyalty will always be to this franchise over a star player but I truly believe the Packers are a better team in 2008 with Brett Favre under center and not a green Rodgers.

    Rodgers has potential to be good NFL QB but I see Jay Fielder and not Steve Young.

  5. Joe Says:

    His play-off record sucks – just sucks. Those are the games that matter and in them Brett sucks and has since 1997.

    That said Rodgers may suck too, but please stop living in the past. Brett is a 38 year old guy who used to be one of the best. He should be thought of as one of the greatest to have ever played the game. But today, right know. He is old, he can’t handle the cold and he can’t handle the pressure of big games. Is this really what makes the team better?

    I am not convinced. Football is a business – a forward looking business. Looking forward, I am not convinced that Brett is the best man for the job.

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