Favre Papers Filed


It’s official.  Mike McCarthy says the Packers had prepared a “plan” for this eventuality.  Hmmm.  I have no idea what kind of plan it might be, but pardon me if I’m skeptical that it helps solve this problem before things get worse.

And the Packers are certainly sending mixed messages about Brett Favre’s future.  On the one hand, we’ve heard several times over the past two days that Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback.  On the other, McCarthy said yesterday that Favre was an important part of the Packers’ history and might be an important part of their future?

Really?  As a backup?

Then today he said:

“Brett Favre is still a very good football player,” McCarthy said. “He’s an asset to our football team. The plans for Brett Favre will be discussed with Brett Favre first and then we’ll make it aware to the public.

“There are no ill feelings toward Brett Favre and he will be welcome back in our locker room.”

I understand the need to talk nice in public, and Ted Thompson did the same thing the other day.  But  it’ll be hard for people to simply forget what Favre said about Packer leadership when he shows up on Thursday.

2 Responses to “Favre Papers Filed”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    He will under go the running test, and full physical. If he actually shows up that is. He may just wait out a trade in Miss. Right now Bus Cook is depositing 10%/15% of $12 mil into his bank account. So Cook is happy, now we’ll see how cooperative Favre is in the negotiations. I suspect that will be a problem.

  2. ebongreen Says:

    Though Brett may think otherwise, Thompson pretty much holds the winning hand in this poker game, and Brett gave him half of them.

    (1) Lately Brett’s been acting like (Heaven help me) Terrell Owens on his bad years. That’s not a good way to get an amicable divorce from a team, nor a good way to market yourself to other potential teams. He’s whining his way into “no one wants him” retirement. Comparing what he said about Javon Walker’s contract feud way back when and how he’s acting how, he looks like a hypocrite and a chump.

    (2) The Packers own Brett’s ass for three more years. Thompson traded Javon because someone met his price. If no-one meets his price for Brett, Brett ain’t leavin’.

    (3) Thompson is The Boss. He’s in charge of the entire organization. Brett is not, and no player is going to upstage him. If he backs down to Brett, who else is going to try to pull $#!? over on him? It’s not personal, Brett – it’s business. Brett doesn’t seem to understand that, and that lack of understanding is going to cost him.

    (4) Brett can’t be an whiny baby in the locker room, or he’ll hand the team to Aaron Rodgers by default. Again with the self-marketing.

    Brett has pretty much three options: help Thompson trade him by being a good citizen, accept his status as Rodgers’ backup until/unless Rodgers gets hurt or proves he can’t hack it to the coaches, or (stay) retire(d). That’s the way the Packers run and the way they ought to run.

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