Gruden: Naming Garcia as Starter Wouldn’t be “Fair” to Favre


This will go down as one of the most bizarre comments in this entire Brett-Favre-I’m-a-Diva Tour 2008.  According to the Tampa Tribune’s Roy Cummings, head coach Jon Gruden was asked if Jeff Garcia’s presence at practice would end speculation that Brett Favre might be a Buc and might compel Gruden to name Garcia the team’s quarterback.  According to Cummings, Gruden responded: “That wouldn’t be fair to Brett Favre.”

Hilarious.  Cummings writes:

Wow! Now the Bucs are worried about Favre – someone else’s quarterback, at least for now – and how all this affects him. What about Jeff Garcia’s feelings?

Well. we know the Bucs are sensitive to that. That’s why they don’t want to leave the impression that they’re really after Favre, but how can anyone think otherwise when the Bucs won’t come out and say publicly that they’ve moved on from him.

Maybe this Bucs trade will work out after all.  Favre needs to feel loved and it’s pretty clear that Jon Gruden loves him.  It’s a good match.


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