Glazer: Favre Hurting Himself


Jay Glazer, who is a self-described “huge Favre fan,” has bad news for the Packer diva.

legend or no legend, if in any other business an employee, even the top sales manager of all time, calls his boss a liar three times on national television, and then reveals conversations with his boss that were believed to be private and then threatens his bosses … seriously, how many of those folks would still be employed? How many players in this league would come through unscathed, especially in the wallet?

Now imagine if Mr. Johnny Cool Salesman, it turns out, took such a path for the sole purpose of bolting to a rival company, what does his boss do at this point?

Favre is clearly trying to gain his release, an option the Packers, sources have told, told Brett as late as two days ago absolutely will NOT happen. In fact, those same sources say that GM Ted Thompson never told Favre he’d get fired for letting him back in the building. Instead, he joked that even the people who don’t want Brett back would want him fired if he released the famed gunslinger.

But how in the world does one of the most beloved sports figures of all time, a man who epitomized toughness and grit turn so soap opera-ish so fast? His PR tactics have gained him little if any sympathy, even from his peers. In my travels through camp so far, not one coach I’ve talked to agrees with his stance and the players have been split 50 percent somewhat sadly against Favre, 25 percent adamantly for Favre and 25 percent absolutely blasting him for the PR route he’s taken.

He concludes:

But maybe we all didn’t have to come down this road in the first place. In talking with some Chiefs vets last night, they didn’t understand why he never came out with, “Look, I made a mistake. I know I’ve flip-flopped on the organization a lot and for that I truly am sorry. I love this game and I truly realize how much I miss it. I know I’ve put the organization and especially Aaron in a tough spot and again, I apologize. I made the decision to retire but that itch has returned. What do I need to do to prove I’m fully committed and how can I help the Packers and Aaron?” Would it have worked? Who knows, but it sure would have been better than blasting his boss as a liar and putting the fans he says he loves in a must-choose position.

It’s striking how different that approach is from the one Favre has taken.  Sad.


2 Responses to “Glazer: Favre Hurting Himself”

  1. HowardRoark Says:


    This is by far thw most succinct thing I have read in days if not weeks. I agree with every word.

    The only thing left is to save his legacy, not only in Green Bay, but also in the NFL. No matter how he is behaving now, he will always be a Packer legand. The divorce seems final. Now we have to make sure that all parties can show up together in the future and have respect for each other. We need that.

    Mr. Murphy?

  2. verno329 Says:

    That was some of the best writing on this subject yet. At least Glazer is calling Favre out on the fact that he has treated TT terribly throughout this. TT may not have treated Brett greatly either…but he hasn’t gone out publicly and called Favre a liar, a crybaby, or a called him out for his wishiwashiness (is that a word?). Most others in the media say that no matter what Favre does he should be allowed back.

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