Favre, Grant, Packer tidbits


Where do you suppose the word “tidbit” came from? Strange word.

2 things I wanted to point out this morning:

  1. Last night, on Fox 6 news, non-sports correspondent Chris Goodman (who often appears as though he’s affected by some kind of stimulant…very hyper) interviewed these two guys who have declared that they would root for Favre if he plays against he Packers someday. The interview went as you might suspect such an interview would go and the whole story was sort of non – until the end. Goodman said that when the 2 guys were holding up a sign asking “Why Ted” or something to that effect re the Favre situation, several players walked by and gave the guys the thumbs up. When Aaron Rodgers walked by and saw the sign, he looked at the guys and gave them a thumbs down. Now, whether or not this really happened, it does point to the real possibility that the locker room may be divided right now with some people thinking TT is the bad guy and others thinking Favre is being the moron.
  2. Bill Johnson on this morning’s D-List was asked re what he thought re Grant not being re-signed. He said it wasn’t that big of a deal and that they’d be fine if he didn’t sign until after the 1st pre-season game because he wouldn’t play that much in that game anyway. He also argued that the Poppinga signing was fine because it was for a player at a different career stage, so it was understandable that happened and not Grant getting signed. He then went on to attribute much of Grant’s success to the zone blocking scheme getting better. Johnson and many others who are weighing in on the Grant signing issue are dead wrong. Brother Steve and Dan Needles, Johnson’s D-List counterpart are right (both dislike the timing of the Poppinga signing and are ticked that Grant has not been signed yet – they’ve had 6 months to get this done and apparently aren’t even close). Listen, as Needles pointed out, last year, Grant and Favre accounted for 84% of the Packers offense. What I worry may be happening here is that the team has become too confident in the McCarthy “system” to the point where they think anyone can just be inserted into a spot and things will work out. Signing Grant should have been the #1 priority starting 6 months ago. We need Ryan Grant on that field. And, this new info re Grant getting a low-ball offer is pretty much what we had worried about in previous posts. Grant just plain deserves a nice contract, and I can’t imagine why the Pack wouldn’t be willing to negotiate on an incentive-based contract (which is what Grant’s agent indicated they initially proposed). That seems to make the most sense and would quell any concerns re Grant being a fluke. If he sucks, he just won’t make much money and that’s fair. Why not just give him a nice signing bonus (if all he was guaranteed is $1.75 million, that is insulting) and then make it incentive-based?

11 Responses to “Favre, Grant, Packer tidbits”

  1. Bill Walsh Says:

    Just because you asked:

    c.1640, probably from dialectal tid “fond, solicitous, tender” + bit “morsel.”

  2. sfhayes Says:

    no kidding, bill w. probably knew that off the top of his head.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    Wow – I need to bruch up on my typing and spelling skills.

    Andy has nailed both issues. It is time to move on. Provided. of couse, the Vilings a forced to give outragious compensation. Grant deserves at least 3 million (Poppinga value).

    Russ Hall is an idiot!

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    Yes that was deliberate! “bruch” No that wasn’t deliberate “couse” and a instead of are. My only excuse are my arthretic hands.

  5. Favrefan4ever Says:

    The “thumbs up, thumbs down” report is not surprising. Just ask the Packer players what they are thinking of all of this. Sure, when asked by reporters they will all say the right things. But when asked face to face, they will tell you the truth: They want to win. They do not care about egos, do not care about age of players, do not even care much about the future. They will tell you they what to win and they all know that Brett Favre gives them the best chance to win. Just ask them.

  6. Ron La Canne Says:

    Furst two qyestions to Mc Carthy (Rhnx to Packers.com)

    (Why was Ryan Pickett limited today?)
    Ryan Pickett has a slight hamstring strain. It happened last week working out, so we’re just, as I always say, being smart.

    (Will either Pickett or Justin Harrell be on the PUP list?)
    Oh, no. They are going to be…I think their situations are both in the, I would say Ryan is more day-to-day and Justin would be week-to week.

    I’m getting nervous with this, not paniced yet but nervous.

    The Favre Comments:

    (Were you taken aback by the bitter tone of some of Brett’s comments?)
    I’ll just say this; I spoke about it some on Saturday. Brett Favre and I didn’t agree on things, whether it was the game plan and this and that. I don’t agree with what was in quotes. I couldn’t see Ted Thompson making those statements, but I’m not going to sit here and referee articles and interviews. That’s not my place, that’s not my focus. It’s something that has gone on. We’re all in this position and we’re all dealing with it the best we can and staying on the high road.

    (Would he be doing this team a disservice by showing up at camp and creating a distraction?) I don’t view it that way. It’s an option. Once again, this is a very unusual situation that we’re in. It really falls under the terms of a business decision. Those are one of his options. We have a very strong locker room. I have great confidence in our players. If you look at the makeup of our locker room, 25 percent, 21 players, have never even met Brett Favre. There are a lot of things that we talked about, I wouldn’t say a lot of things. We talked about it as a team yesterday. I don’t foresee Brett Favre coming in here as a problem. Brett Favre is a big part of the Green Bay Packers history, and he may be a part of the future as we move forward, and that’s an option that he has if he reinstates.

    I don’t think Mc Carthy said much about Favre in the future. Just pc hold your tounge stuff.

    The entire transcripy is here:


  7. Joe Says:

    I have been critical of Ryan Grant’s overplaying of his leverage but if he is willing to do an incentive based deal the Pack should take it in a heartbeat. Nobody loses, it is the mother of all merit based pay. How can the GM be criticized for a incentive deal. And the player can’t complain because all he has to do is prove what he has been saying about his skill is true. The only possible loser is the agent and who gives a rat’s ass about agents?

  8. PackerBelle Says:

    I don’t think the Packers really object to the incentive based deal, I would bet the desired $5 million signing bonus is probably a bigger issue.

  9. Ron La Canne Says:

    Mc Carthy (last question at his press conference today)

    Q: How was DeShawn Wynn’s offseason?

    A: Very good. I think he’s done an exemplary job in the weight room. Very powerful, gifted young man. He’s another one I look forward to step up and take advantage of the opportunity he’s going to get.

    Opportunity he’s going to be given? Interesting/disturbing comment by the coach. If I look at the RB depth chart, I would guess Wynn is four behing Grant, Jackson, and Morency. Is he telling us something about the Grant situation? No, I don’t believe in Allien abduction.

    I’m affraid they’ve given Russ Ball the “Grant Project” as his OJT. I’m affraid this may not come to a happy conclusion. By the way have I ever said that I think Russ Ball is an IDIOT?

  10. awhayes Says:

    Interesting Wynn tidbit. I actually would put Wynn #2 (or I suppose #1 presently) on the RB depth chart. He is the most talented of the running backs and I think people will be surprised this year by how good this guy really is after learning the offense. I still can’t imagine how the starting RB from a national championship team dropped to the 7th round. Wynn will be good but he’ll be much better platooning in with Grant than as the featured back. He and Grant will offer a really good change of style that will cause problems for defenses. Jackson may become the 3rd down back as I’m not sure Morency will make the team.

  11. Ron La Canne Says:

    That would be ideal, Andy. Wynn and Grant are both quick to the line, commit to the hole well (take advantage of zone blocking) and can turn on the quickness and power for positive yards.

    Can’t understand the Packers position on Grant. If they offer $4 million in guarenteed money (maybe they can spread it over more than one year – not sure what the rules are concerning the Cap) and a longer term contract heavily insentive based there would be a deal. I think that would be a bargin. The only way that’s not a bargin is if Grant takes the money and sits on his butt. I don’t see that in this kid. He’s a player – Sign him now.

    Russ Ball is an IDIOT!

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