Here’s my guess. Brett Favre doesn’t want to play for the Jets. The Packers would prefer that he play for the Jets (they’re in the AFC) and they’re probably willing to offer the Jets some kind of discount.

What remains unclear is whether Favre would play for Tampa Bay. Given all of the reporting out there about his dealings with the Vikings, it seems likely that Favre thought he could return to the NFL and force the Packers to release him. They didn’t and won’t. So now he’s weighing the benefits of playing somewhere else — Tampa — against just staying retired.

Tom Silverstein reports that sources close to Favre are saying he still wants to play for the Packers. I don’t doubt that they’re saying that, but I doubt that it’s true. Think about what Favre has said about Ted Thompson and the way he mocked even Mike McCarthy in his interview on Fox. There are some pretty strong feelings there.

If I had to guess — okay, I don’t have to guess, but I will anyway — I will say Favre ends up in Tampa for a something like a conditional 2nd round pick and a 4th round pick. The 2nd round pick could become a first-round pick depending on Favre’s performace.

UPDATE: Oh, and this is even more worthless than everything I just posted above — I bet Jay Glazer breaks the story.


3 Responses to “Speculation”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Steve, the analysis you present makes all the sense in the world. Logical, follows a path to a conclusion, and a rational person would pursue it. Unfortunately, we have been exposed now to the manic-depressive (I guess they call it bi-polar these days) personallity of Favre. I’m affraid Cook and Favre are going to drag this on well into the season.

    I remember Cook saying they didn’t have to submit the letter of intent until week six. If indeed Favre and Cook do submit the letter this week, commissioner cupcake will undoubtably accept. Favre will be in camp cashing his checks, the sports media (just as screwed up as the MSM) will be lurking behind every door, and the Packers season will be on its’ way to chaos.

    So the plan really becomes, how long will the Packlers tolerate paying someone for nothing but distraction. In other words, give Favre the outright release he and Cook want. That leads to the conclusion, to me at least, that Favre and Cook have already made some kind of agreement with Minnesota. The only remaining question is, how long will the Packers put up with the situation. Twelve million a year for nothing but distraction is a problem the Packers can’t maintain throughout the season. Cook and Favre know this. Trades are irrelevant . Favre has right of refusal in his contract.

    If Favre is as hateful of Thompson as I think he might be, he is holding all the cards now. The most important thing to consider now is the schedule. The Packers probably have one of the toughest schedules in the league. It won’t take much to turn the season bad in the first seven weeks. Only Detriot and Atlanta look like games where the Packers will be clear favorites. Indy, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Seattle, and the evil Vilings will all be difficult.

  2. Mac G Says:

    I just hope Rodgers can not make it through those 7 games without getting hurt.

  3. Mac G Says:

    I just hope Rodgers CAN make it through those 7 games without getting hurt. Sorry.

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